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Game Server Panel Manual

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How to manage game server panel account

Introduction In the digital age, data security becomes a crucial element of any online activity, including the management of game servers. To ensure optimal protection of your account from unauthorized access, it is essential to follow several security principles. This guide has been created to lead you step-by-step through the process of configuring two-factor authentication, […]

How to manage Server Splitter

Introduction Server Splitter is an innovative feature that allows you to split your server into smaller servers. This function is a perfect choice for people who have unused resources on main server. Just one click is enough to create an additional free server without buying a new one! Navigation 1. How to split a server […]

How to manage server setting

Introduction The “Settings” tab is an extremely useful place that will allow you to perform significant work on the server, such as reinstallation or uploading a huge amount of files via the SFTP protocol. You will find debug information in it, necessary when talking with support. Additionally, you can change the name and description of […]

How to manage game server backups

Introduction Backup plays a key role during the life of your game server. It ensures the security and continuity of gameplay by preserving the progress of players, server configuration, and all installed modifications and plugins. Our custom game server panel allows administrators to automatically create backups to minimize data loss during failures. In addition to […]

How to manage game server files

Introduction Servers4Gamers gives customers full access to server files, enabling any level of game server personalization. Upon logging into our control panel, you’ll notice a range of tabs, including the “Files” tab, which will help you manage your game server. Our users can easily create new files and folders directly from the web interface, which […]

Panel Overview

This tutorial explains panel functions and so on. Servers – in this tab you can browse your servers. Console – in this tab we can see informations about server (server status, server address, port, amount of resources used in real time: CPU, RAM, Disc), stop/restart server and see informations about amount of players in real […]