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How to change version on a Minecraft Forge server

Minecraft Forge is a popular tool that allows the installation and management of mods in Minecraft, offering players the opportunity to customize their gameplay as they see fit. Each version of this modification brings new benefits in the form of various features, improving the overall gaming experience. Our clients can choose which version of Minecraft […]

How to change version on a Minecraft Paper server

Minecraft Paper is a popular variant of the Minecraft server, known for its optimizations and performance improvements compared to the standard Vanilla server version. Paper adds a range of configuration features that allow administrators to fine-tune server operations more precisely. Each version of Minecraft Paper introduces new enhancements, making the choice of the right version […]

How to add my own world to a Minecraft server

Minecraft is an incredibly flexible game that allows for complete customization of gameplay. It is possible to add your own hand-crafted worlds to enhance the gaming experience. Server administrators can freely customize their servers, tailoring them to the preferences of a broader group of players. In this article, you will learn how to add your […]