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How to delete server split

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If you want to delete split server follow this guide:

1. Go to the server panel and select ‘Server Splitter’ tab.

Deleting server splits 1

You should see your main (master) server and the split servers. On the example server shown below we can see main server and one split server. They have both the same amount of resources (2048MB RAM memory, unlimited CPU, 10240MB DISK space and 512MB SWAP).

Deleting server splits 2

2. Select ‘trash bin’ button to delete split server.

Deleting server splits 3

3. Approve your choice by ‘DELETE SERVER’ button.

Deleting server splits 4

After refreshing the page, you may notice that the resources from split server have returned to the main server. Now main server have 4096MB RAM memory, 20480MB DISK space, 1024MB SWAP and unlimited CPU.

Deleting server splits 5

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