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July 1st 2020

Project planning

During this time, we designed all solutions that will be available for users. We devoted this time to precisely defining the business and functional goals of the project.

Mar 8th 2021

Project implementation

During this time, we were working on the technical and business implementation of the project, we established a company and obtained all permits.

Apr 8th 2022

Final project tests

During this time, we worked on testing all the assumed functionalities and completed all the formalities related to the start of the service.

Jul 1st 2023


We started our activity on the game servers market.


Our Story

Servers4Gamers was founded after a long search for a game-oriented virtual server that would meet our needs. As players, we were disappointed with the offer of other service providers and decided to use our skills and passions. We combined many years of experience in the IT industry and love for multiplayer games, creating our own hosting project.

Our team's goal is to provide efficient private servers at an affordable price. We use the latest technologies and work with the highest-rated and reliable hardware suppliers to ensure efficient and uninterrupted server operation for players. We care about good cooperation with our customers, which is why we place great emphasis on professional customer service. We will be happy to hear your opinions and implement your ideas!

Our company's strategy is based on solid technical foundations in terms of maintaining distributed infrastructure and selecting equipment using the cherry-pick method. Initially, we based our activity on Minecraft servers, over time implementing titles such as CS:GO, ARK Survival Evolved, Conan Exiles, The Forest, Space Engineers and many others. We haven't forgotten about the classic titles deserved for this type of entertainment, such as Counter Strike 1.6, Team Fortress 2, ET: Legacy, Unreal Tournament 3, Unreal Tournament 2004. In our offer you will find modifications to game servers Grand Theft Auto V, BeamNG.drive, Subnautica as well as early access games.

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