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We offer Terraria Dedicated Server Hosting. Join us and get powerful hardware with Unlimited CPU and Storage at affordable prices and experience best performance for your seamless gaming.
Pay just for RAM, without slot limits.

  • Unlimited slots
  • Instant setup
  • Server splitter
  • DDoS protection
  • Free subdomain
  • Full SFTP file control
  • Intel i9 or Ryzen CPU
  • DDR4 RAM memory
  • Full NVMe storage
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • Steam Workshop Support
  • tModloader and tShock Support
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Our Terraria Server Plans

1 GB

$1.5 3* / Monthly

  • Unlimited CPU
  • Unlimited NVMe
  • 1 Backup Set
  • 0 Server Split
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2 GB

$2.75 5.5* / Monthly

  • Unlimited CPU
  • Unlimited NVMe
  • 1 Backup Set
  • 1 Server Split
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3 GB

$4.25 8.5* / Monthly

  • Unlimited CPU
  • Unlimited NVMe
  • 2 Backup Set
  • 2 Server Split
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4 GB

$5.5 11* / Monthly

  • Unlimited CPU
  • Unlimited NVMe
  • 2 Backup Set
  • 3 Server Split
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5 GB

$7 14* / Monthly

  • Unlimited CPU
  • Unlimited NVMe
  • 3 Backup Set
  • 4 Server Split
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? GB

$ ? / Monthly

  • Unlimited CPU
  • Unlimited NVMe
  • Custom Backup Set
  • Custom Server Split
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Terraria is a popular sandbox game that debuted in 2011, gaining enormous popularity. The game combines elements of adventure, exploration, combat, crafting and construction, which makes it one of the most versatile titles in the sandbox genre. In Terraria, players take on the role of an adventurer who enters a world full of secrets, monsters, treasures and adventures. The main goal of the game is to explore and discover various biomes, collect resources, fight monsters and develop your character by gaining experience and creating better and better items. While exploring a huge, procedurally generated world, we will find various biomes such as forests, deserts, caves, jungles, swamps, underground lands and many others. Each region has its own unique creatures, resources and challenges. The world of Terraria is full of mysterious places and hidden treasures. An extensive crafting system allows you to create various items, weapons, tools, armor, furniture and even machines and mechanisms. To create something, the player must collect raw materials and have the appropriate recipes. It is possible to build your own settlement and other structures with practical and decorative functions. Settlements may contain housing for NPCs who offer various services. Combat in Terraria is dynamic and exciting. Acquiring new skills and using appropriate tactics is important when we have to face powerful bosses. The multiplayer mode allows you to explore and build a settlement together with other players. The game's graphics are distinctive and one of the unique elements of its aesthetic. Terraria is created in a pixel art style that harkens back to retro gaming and is a key part of the game's visual identity. This versatile sandbox game offers players long hours of great fun during which they will explore, build, fight and develop their character.

At Servers4Gamers you can rent Terraria server in just a minutes - provisioning system will boot your server just right after payment. Our improved dedicated panel allows for full server administration and has features that make it easier to manage. Servers4Gamers team is always ready to help you in any problems. In our offer you will find Terraria Vanilla as well as Terraria tShock and Terraria tModLoader.

Why Servers4Gamers Hosting?

There are many server features that Servers4Gamers Hosting offers to gamers.
Look below to check out only couple of strong sides which convenience you to choose our offer.

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Don't waste your time on installation! Here you can buy a Terraria server equipped with the most popular modification. tModLoader is one of the most flexible and extensive tools for modifying the world of Terraria, which will allow you to easily personalize the gameplay on your server!


At Servers4Gamers you have the opportunity to rent a Terraria server equipped with TShock! This is a powerful tool that will allow you to advanced server management. Join us today and enjoy unlimited possibilities in the fantastic world of Terraria!

Terraria features image
Terraria features image

Unlimited Slots

Not sure how many slots you need? No worries! Servers4Gamers does not impose any number of slots on the server. Our hosting focuses on flexibility, so when you buy a Terraria server, you will receive the number of resources you choose, which you can use however you want.

DDoS Protection

Our goal is to provide safe, uninterrupted and lag-free services, that's why we are using an advanced security methods to effectively neutralize DDOS attacks that may harm your server, ensuring continuous access to the world of Terraria. Join us today and enjoy seamless gaming with your friends!


Our team has many years of experience in the field of game server administration. We are always available to help you solve problems related to your Terraria server. You can contact us in the way that suits you best, such as via ticket, email or live chat. Our extensive knowledgebase will help you find answers to most common server problems!

wide choice
Locations Around the World

Choose from 3 datacenter locations worldwide to play without worries of high latency to your Terraria server.Servers4Gamers offers Terraria servers in several locations to ensure lowest ping to players location. Choose an nearest datacenter and enjoy the game with your friends without delays!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! A Terraria server rented from us will run continuously throughout the subscription period.
Yes, it is possible to upgrade Terraria servers. If you want to increase the amount of RAM or the number of backups, log in to our website and select the 'My Services' tab. Choose the server you want to upgrade from the list and select the 'Upgrade' option.
Our offerings include Vanilla Terraria servers, Terraria TShock, and Terraria tModLoader! If you want to order one of the two modded options, simply switch the Vanilla version to another when placing your order.
Servers rented from us operate on a different principle than hosting the server independently. Simply rent and start your server, and it will be available 24/7 to other players (except in cases where you secure it with a password)!
Our Terraria servers start at just $1.5 per month (this is the cost of a 1 GB RAM subscription for the first month for new users). Subscription plans for subsequent months for regular users start at $3 per month.
In our control panel, changing the difficulty level is extremely simple. Just log in to the server panel, select the Terraria server, stop it, and go to the 'Startup' tab. Here, you should find the 'Difficulty' section, choose the appropriate value, and restart the server. Remember that changing the difficulty requires creating a new world.
Yes, our consultants are always ready to help you solve all your problems. You can also ask us any questions you have about servers, ordering process, and much more. Contact us via Live Chat, ticket, or email. Additionally, we have prepared an extensive knowledge base where you can find answers to the most frequently encountered issues.
The choice of a server plan depends on the client's needs. If you plan to play with just a few players on the smallest map size, 1-2 GB of RAM is sufficient for the server to function properly. If you plan to play with dozens of players on the largest server size, we recommend subscribing to a slightly larger amount of RAM.
Our hosting offers servers with an unlimited number of slots - when renting a server, you pay for a specified amount of RAM that you can use as you wish (disk usage is unlimited). Clients who want to rent large servers for hundreds of players must consider that there is a hardcoded limit in the game Terraria. It is 255 players and cannot be exceeded.
Yes, of course! Our Terraria servers are fully protected against network attacks to ensure smooth gameplay and uninterrupted server operation. To provide full protection, we use the latest technologies and services from selected providers.
Joining a Terraria server is quite simple and can be done in a few steps. First, you will need the IP address and port of your server - you will find it next to the server console in the game server panel. Then, start Terraria, select the 'Multiplayer' tab, and choose 'Join via IP' option. Now, all you have to do is select your character, enter the server address, and you're ready to go!
Yes, if no one is connected to the server, it is automatically stopped. This means that the day and night cycle and other events in the game will be paused.
The installation of the Terraria server will begin shortly after we receive payment. From that moment, you will need to wait a maximum of a few minutes for the complete installation of your server.
Yes, our hosting performs backups of servers every 24 hours. Additionally, in the game server panel, there is a tab where you can independently create backups of your server. We recommend making regular backups so you can revert to a server save of your choice at any time.
Yes, it is possible to install modifications on the server. Our clients have full access to server files and can modify them as they wish using the control panel or through the SFTP protocol.
Yes, it is possible. If you wish to change your game server hosting provider and switch to us, contact our support - we will guide you through your migration step by step.

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We are rated 4.8 / 5 in 31 reviews at Servers4Gamers. See our rating on Trustpilot!

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Check out latest knowledgebase articles. Our resources contains a strong knowledge about Terraria server administration and latest news from game world! You will find know-how about basic and advanced server customization.

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If you want to install tModLoader mods on your server follow this guide: Part 1 (enabling mods): 1. Open tModLoader. 2. Select ‘Workshop’. 3. Select ‘Manage Mods’. 4. If your mod is ‘Disabled’, click on this label to enable it. 5. Reload tModLoader after enabling mod! Part 2 (installing enabled mods on server): 1. Open […]

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Easy to use control panel

We are offering a clean and easy control panel for our game hosting, with all the feature you need.

Simple and Functional

Simple game server panel, designed to be functional and easy to use. Take a full control of your server and game server files. Intuitive design composed with huge list of functions make our panel useful even with advanced operation on your server.

Automated Backups

You can configure automated backup features straight from control panel for your convenience, with a possibility to download or restore backup anytime you want. Setup a schedulers to periodically backup your server data. Don't worry about data loss anymore!

Custom Made Control Panel

There are only a few mentioned features that our custom control panel provides: 1-click Mod Manager with build-in mods, Split your server to smaller instances from free resources, Create your own subdomain for your server, Setup an automatic schedulers, many quick setup option from Startup tab, Create and manage users and many more!

Our Locations

We currently have servers in 3 data centers, located in close distance to major cities all over the world.

Localization Map

Low Pings

To ensure seamless gaming experience without delays or lags caused by long distance to server location.

  • Central Europe
    Germany - Falkenstein
  • North America - East Coast
    Canada - Montreal
  • North Europe
    Finland - Helsinki
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