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How to connect to a Terraria server

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Terraria is a sandbox adventure game that offers players the freedom to explore a world full of secrets, treasures and development opportunities. If you have already finished configuring your server, you can go ahead and join the game!

*If you haven’t done it yet, use our tutorials that will guide you through configuring the Terraria Vanilla, Terraria tShock and Terraria tModLoader servers:


How to connect Terraria game server:

1. Open your favorite gaming platform and launch Terraria game.

2. Once you are in a main menu, select “Multiplayer” option.

How to connect Terraria 1

3. Select “Join via IP” option.

How to connect Terraria 2

4. Select “New” to create character, then double click on character tab to play.

How to connect Terraria 3

5. Enter your IP address and approve by “Accept”. If you don’t know what your server’s address is, go to the “Network” tab in our game server panel.

How to connect Terraria 4

6. Enter your server PORT and click on “Accept”. Now, you should be connected to your Terraria server.

How to connect Terraria 5


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