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Frequently Asked Questions

Our servers have no limit of players, they have a limit of resources that the server cannot exceed. Resource overloads can result in unexpected server shutdowns. The user has the option to set the number of players, but the company does not impose this value.
Yes, all servers are available 24/7. We guarantee SLA at the level of 99%.
Currently, our servers are located in the USA, Finland and Germany. We plan to extend the offer to other locations in Australia and Oceania, North America and Europe.
We usually respond to requests within 15 minutes. The time it takes to solve a problem may depend on the level of complexity of the problem.
Our hotline consultants are working 24h everyday. Office working hours are 8:00-20:00 CET(Central European Time) everyday.
Our staff work in Tallinn, Estonia.
Check that your e-mail address and password are correct. To be sure, reset your password via the associated email address. If you still cannot log in, please report the problem to the support, but remember that you have to prove that it is your account.
If there is no game you want to play, submit your ticket to support. We will check if we can introduce the game to our offer.
The user has full access to the server files and can freely install modifications like maps, models, skins, scripts, boot files (such as .jar).
Yes, the user can change modpacks whenever he wants. In some situations, reinstallation of the server is required, which may result in loss of data contained on it.
Yes, we provide the option to install modpacks on all Minecraft servers we offer.
Yes, you can add your own maps.
Yes, we are helping with basic configuring.
Yes, user can restore the backup on his server from a previously created point.
Yes, we make backups of our servers every day.
Yes, for each server we offer one MSQL database with no limit of data contained in it.
The size of the disk depends on the option selected when purchasing the server. You can extend your disk at any time.
Yes, server migration is possible under certain conditions. The user should have a full dump of the server that we want to migrate to us. In each case, it is necessary to contact the support in order to define the migration options and conditions.
Yes it is possible, we only need the specific version of the game you want to use.
Yes, all changes are possible after prior contact with the support.
Yes, the parameters can be changed via the panel.
Yes, it is possible to create an additional user and assign him the appropriate access rights.
Yes, you can cancel the service, but 72 hours after purchasing it, you will not receive a full refund.
If you want to delete your server, go to the My services tab. Select the product you want to remove and select Request Cancellation option. In the window, you will be able to describe the reason for this decision. Confirm your decision with Request Cancellation button.
No, all ports that the server uses are automatically allocated. You don't have to do this additionally.
Yes, it is possible to upgrade specific options (RAM, HDD and Backup) without having to delete data on the server. When the client decides to change the game, unfortunately all data from the old server will be lost.
The server name can be changed in Startup tab in the game panel.
All server logs are displayed in console in the game panel.
Usually server is ready 30 seconds after receiving the payment, but it all depends on size of the server. In the case of servers such as CS:GO or Holdfast: Nations at War, waiting time may be extended to up to 15 minutes.
Yes. If necessary, contact our support.
If you want to reinstall the server, go to Settings tab in the game panel. Keep in mind that data from the server may be lost.
This feature is only available on request. For this purpose, contact our support.
All problems related to the operation of the server should be reported to the support.
If you are unable to connect to your server, please check the following steps:
• check your internet connection
• check if the server is properly started
• check if the server version is the same as the game version
As part of your actions, you can restart your server, restart the game and repeat the connection to the server. If you still have connection problems, please contact our support.
If you exceeded your server resources, you can upgrade your options at any time.
When the server is in this state, it installs all the necessary files and it may take some time. If your time exceeds 60 minutes from starting the installation, please report it to the support.
You need to take a time up to 1 hour after processing payment.
You need to restart your server to apply changes.
A DDoS attack is one of the most common hacker attacks targeting network services. It consists in taking over all available and free resources in order to prevent the service from functioning. Our automated system recognizes attack patterns in advance, allowing to successfully repel most of them. We use advanced filtering technologies to provide protection against large-scale DDoS attacks. We apply ISO 27001 standards for data security.
The purpose of the attack is to disrupt the operation of the server by overloading the server or infrastructure. As a result, the game server will not be reachable and the connection quality will suffer (it may crash completely). However, we make every effort to protect our clients from this.
All payment problems should be reported to support. If you have problem with the Stripe/CoinGate gateway, please report it to the Stripe/CoinGate support line.
On our website you can make payments using the Stripe or CoinGate platform.
After three days overdue your data will be deleted from the server irretrievably. Within three days you can make a payment and your data will be restored to its last state.
Yes, we offer 1-month, 3-month and 6-month billing options.
The products we offer are recognized as digital products according to European law. By law, taxes levied on such products are dependent on the customer's location.
Up to 72 hours, you can get a full refund. After 72 hours, the refund will be partial. More information in the regulations.
Our services are subscription based. If your account has an automatic debit option turned on, your connected payment method will be used to complete the payment.
Your card may not have sufficient means of payment, or your bank may have declined the method of payment for security reasons.
Our servers are selected from selected suppliers and are based on solutions from companies such as Intel, Juniper, IBM and Cisco. All servers that we dedicate have a clock speed of 3.3 GHz and are based on DDR4 RAM and fast SSD/NVMe disks.
We use the Pterodactyl management panel. We have added several proprietary modules that significantly extend the functionality of the panel with solutions such as one click mod install, subdomain management, one-click plugin install etc.
If you have problems with high ping or tps loss, you can do a connection test (for example on the speedtest.net website). Check your ping by selecting a site closest to your server's location (use the change server function). If you haven't noticed any problems with your internet connection, please report the problem to the support.
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