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How to install mods on a Factorio server

Installing modifications on the Factorio server introduces many positive changes, increasing the diversity and pleasure of the game. They add new elements, technologies, and units, which allows you to experiment with different strategies and new problems. Modifications can improve existing game mechanics or introduce completely new ones. In this guide, we will describe in detail […]

How to create token for a Factorio server

To ensure that your server appears in the list of available servers, it is necessary to provide an API key. This key serves as a unique identifier that allows your server to be recognized and displayed in the server list. To make this process easier, we have prepared a comprehensive guide describing the steps you […]

How to configure a Factorio server

The Factorio server configuration has a significant impact on the experience players will get from the game. It allows us to adapt our server to the individual needs of the server owner and players. A person with administrator rights can easily change parameters such as password, server name, number of players, server version and even […]

How to connect to a Factorio server

This tutorial will guide you how to connect your Factorio server on two different methods: How to connect by direct connect function How to connect by in-game server browser How to Connect to a Factorio Game Server: Method 1: Connect through direct connect function 1. Launch Factorio game Begin by opening the Factorio game on […]