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Game Server Panel Manual

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How to manage game server modpacks

Modpacks are sets of modifications that change the original game through a range of new features, items, mechanics, or worlds. They are created by the Minecraft fan community, which aims to enrich gameplay with new experiences and add more possibilities for other players. There are several platforms that offer thousands of modpacks, allowing for easy […]

How to manage game server versions

Introduction Changing the version of a Minecraft server has huge implications for entire gaming communities. Each new version introduces significant changes that can greatly affect the operation of servers, their stability, and their appeal. Each version introduces a range of new blocks, items, mobs, or combat mechanics. Additionally, various features are changed and errors are […]

How to manage a game server mods

Introduction Modifications are a key element of gameplay that enrich player experiences by adding new elements and functionalities. Thanks to them, servers can offer unique functionalities, enhanced interfaces, and new worlds, which significantly exceed the basic capabilities of standard games. Modifications are usually created by the player community, which recognizes the need to introduce new […]

How to manage a game server plugins

Introduction Plugins for Minecraft servers are tools that significantly expand the capabilities and functionalities of the standard game. They allow for the modification and personalization of experiences during gameplay, which is why they are often used by game server administrators. Plugins enable the introduction of new features, such as an internal economy in ‘Economy’, which […]

How to manage other panel functions

Introduction Our game server panel contains a number of unique features that will allow you to easily manage your server. In this guide, you will learn how to easily configure server parameters, program recurring events, and use the “Network” and “Servers” tabs. Navigation 1. How to use Startup tab The “Startup” tab will allow you […]

How to manage game server subdomains

Introduction Subdomains for game servers are used to create easier-to-remember addresses that can be used to connect to a specific game server. Instead of using complicated IP addresses and ports, players can connect to the server using a simple and friendlier subdomain. Subdomains are a great solution for people who run servers for a large […]

How to manage subuser of a game server

Introduction Our game server panel offers many features that facilitate the administration and customization of the server environment. One of these features is the “subuser” option, which allows the addition of subordinate users to the main account. The purpose of adding new users is to enable collaboration in managing the server and to grant various […]

How to manage game server console

The game server console plays a key role in managing and monitoring game server operations, being the most frequently used tool by administrators. The Pterodactyl panel offers a simple yet powerful user interface that enables effective management of game server resources. The console is an integral part of the entire system, offering a range of […]

How to manage API Keys

Introduction The API Key is a unique identifier that allows external programs to interact with the game server panel. It is a string of characters used for the authorization and authentication of API requests sent to the panel. It is utilized so that external applications or scripts can perform operations on the game server without […]

How to manage game server databases

Introduction The database is an integral part of managing game server resources, allowing for the storage of important server information such as game world settings, progress status, and much more. Our panel enables users to effectively manage various aspects of game servers, including creating, modifying, and managing databases. It offers various security features such as […]