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Panel Overview

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This tutorial explains panel functions and so on.

Panel Overwiew 1

Servers – in this tab you can browse your servers.

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Console – in this tab we can see informations about server (server status, server address, port, amount of resources used in real time: CPU, RAM, Disc), stop/restart server and see informations about amount of players in real time. Additionaly, we gain access to the server console through which we can send commands and interfere with the operation of server.

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Files – in this tab we can view files used by server, add new directories and files, download files (compressed too) and send them. An additional function is editing server configuration files through the built-in text editor.

Panel Overwiew 4

Databases – in this tab we can add/remove databases which can be used by game server. The tab allows you to define a name for a new database and define access to the connection.

Panel Overwiew 5

Schedules – in this tab we can add/remove recurring events, containing actions such as running command in the console, on/off server and backup. Recurring events can be define in minutes/hours/days/months.

Panel Overwiew 6

Users – in this tab we can define users add their rights do the server. By providing the new user’s e-mail, we can give him access to our server and control his rights to modify the server settings.  We can define whether the user has the right to install plugins, create subdomains, change the version, control the state of the server and other functionalities offered by the panel.

Panel Overwiew 7

Backups – in this tab we can create backups , define their frequency and exclude files/directories from backup.

Panel Overwiew 8

Network – in this tab we can see currently active ports of our server and choose main port for server. We get access to the port view in case of a server that uses many allocations. For servers that have a management port, we can define a list of addresses from which it will be available – we will avoid access to management by unauthorized person.

Panel Overwiew 9

Startup – in this tab we can edit the values of the variables that are used at server startup (default map, server name etc.). We can see the current starting line of the server.

Panel Overwiew 10

Mods – in this tab we can install/uninstall (depending of the server, they are different maps, models, skins etc.) mods, choose the category in which we want to search.

Panel Overwiew 11

Versions (only for Minecraft) – in this tab we can install individual versions of the server depending of using technology.

Panel Overwiew 12

Subdomains – in this tab we can add subdomains on which our server is available. We currently have option of creating subdomains in two domains, but this functionality will be extended over time with additional domains.

Panel Overwiew 13

Plugins (only for Minecraft)in this tab we can search for plugins from Spigot source and install/uninstall them. We have the ability to edit the size of the searched results.

Panel Overwiew 16

Modpack (only for Minecraft)in this tab we can install modpacks for FTB and CurseCorge forks.

Panel Overwiew 14

Server Splitter – in this tab we can split our server into smaller servers. You can define size of server parameters like CPU, RAM, DISK and SWAP.

Panel Overwiew 15

Settings – in this tab we have possibility to change the server settings. There are informations such as server name displayed, SFTP access data and technical data used by customer service. In this tab it is possible to reinstall server (this process causes the destruction of the server base files and has the option of updating the game server base data).

Panel Overwiew 17

Account – in this tab we have possibility to change password, update email address and enable two-step verification.

Panel Overwiew 18

API Credentials – this tab allows you to create API Key. You can access this section from ‘Account’ tab.

Panel Overwiew 19

SSH Keys – this tab allows you to add SSH Key. You can access this section from ‘Account’ tab.

Panel Overwiew 20

Activity – in this tab you can see activities related to the security of your account, such information about logging in and changing the password.

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