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Project Zomboid

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How to install mods on a Project Zomboid server

Installing modifications on the Project Zomboid server can introduce many positive changes and diversify the gameplay. Modifications introduce new elements to the game such as weapons, tools or other types of zombies. Some mods introduce changes to gameplay mechanics, allowing you to customize the combat system by adding new skills and features. If you want […]

How to configure a Project Zomboid server

The Project Zomboid server configuration gives you full control over the game world, which allows you to adapt it to the individual needs of players and the server owner. A person with administrator rights can change parameters such as the password, number of players, map and many others. It is possible to adjust the most […]

How to connect to a Project Zomboid server

Ready to jump into realistic post-apocalyptic world filled with zombies? This tutorial will guide you how to connect to Project Zomboid server through in-game server browser or through favorites tab. In this tutorial you will find: How to connect Project Zomboid server through favorites list How to connect Project Zomboid server through in-game browser   […]