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How to pair Rust+ with a Rust server

Rust+ is the official mobile application created by Pacepunch Studios, the creators of the Rust game. Thanks to it, you can monitor events on the server 24 hours a day, including the status of your characters and base, receive notifications about in-game events and much more. With Rust+ you can stay up to date even […]

How to upload custom map on a Rust server

Custom maps are a great solution for more demanding server owners who want to have control over biomes and monuments! Read this guide to learn how to upload custom map to your Rust server: 1. Stop your server Go to the server panel and find your Rust server on the list. After clicking on Rust […]

How to wipe a Rust server

Rust allows server owners to reset the server from time to time. It is possible to perform automatic cleanup of map data, blueprint data or both in scheduled interval. There are 3 kinds of rust wipes: Map Wipe – wipe performed on most servers which removes structures, houses and furniture from the map. Map Wipe […]

How to configure a Rust server

Configuration adapts server to individual needs of the owner and players. A person with access to server files can change almost all parameters, such as maximum number of players, password and many others. If you want to configure your Rust server follow this guide: 1. Stop your server Go to the server panel and search […]

How to connect to a Rust server

This guide will walk you through two straightforward methods for connecting your Rust server: using the in-game console for a direct connection and using the in-game server browser. In this article you will find: How to get server IP address and port of your server How to get hostname of your server, How to search […]

How to change image/logo on a Rust server

If you want to change server image and logo follow this guide: 1. Navigate “Files” tab in your server First, you need to get access to Rust server files. Go to server panel. You should see your server list – find Rust server and click on it. Navigate “Files” tab. 2. Enter server.cfg file Once […]

How to add tags to a Rust server

Tags in the Rust server are used to identify and categorize game servers. They can help players find servers that match their preferences and expectations. Tags allow you to determine whether the player will face only the (PvE) environment on the server and even where the server is located in order to play with the […]