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How to connect to a Rust server

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This guide will walk you through two straightforward methods for connecting your Rust server: using the in-game console for a direct connection and using the in-game server browser.

In this article you will find:

  • How to get server IP address and port of your server
  • How to get hostname of your server,
  • How to search for your server in server browser and connect to it
  • How to connect by direct IP address and port

Get hostname, IP and port from control panel:

1. Login to game panel

Launch a control panel website in your favorite browser and login with your credentials.

2. Locate your server in panel

Follow to your server list in homepage or follow directly to “Servers” tab from sidebar. Select your Rust server from server list. This should follow you to “Console” view, where you can find information about your server.

3. Get hostname from control Panel

Hostname of your server should be visible above the console of the server at “Console” view. It’s visible in same place as name and description of the server.

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4. Get server IP address and port from control panel

Locate “Address” property in “Console” tab. You can find a IP address and port of your server. Rust require IP address to connect.

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Direct connect by in-game console:

1. Open the game

Begin by launching the game on your computer. Ensure your game have the same version as server.

2. Access the in-game console

Once you’re in the game, press the F1 key on your keyboard. This key will open the in-game console.

3. Connect to the Server

With the console is open, you can connect to the server by typing the following command:

connect IP:PORT

Replace “IP” with the server’s IP address and “PORT” with the server’s port number. For example:


After entering the command, press “Enter”. This will initiate the connection process to the specified Rust server.

How to connect Rust server 3


Connecting via in-game server browser:

This method allows you to connect to your Rust server via in-game server browser. Previous section of this tutorial help you to identify your server hostname.

1. Launch the game

Open Rust on your computer. Ensure that your server version is compatible with game version.

2. Select “PLAY GAME”

Click on the “PLAY GAME” option in the main menu.

How to connect Rust server 4

3. Go to “Community” tab and find your server

Navigate to the “Community” tab. This is where you can find and select a Rust server to join. In the “Community” tab, you can search for your server by its hostname. Servers that match your search criteria will be displayed on the right side.

How to connect Rust server 5

4. Join your server

After you’ve located your server in browser, click on the server’s bar. A new floating window will appear, and in that window, select “JOIN SERVER” to initiate connection to selected server.

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