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Counter-Strike 2

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How to connect to a Counter-Strike 2 server

There are many options to help you connect to the CS2 server. In this guide, you will learn four methods of connecting to the server: through the Steam application, through the developer console and through startup options. Navigation 1. How to connect Counter-Strike 2 server via Steam Favorites List If you want to connect to […]

How to create token for a Counter-Strike 2 server

Due to the latest update, you need to provide the Steam account token to your rented server! Guide for creating a Steam account token: 1. You must enter a phone number in your Steam account settings(go to your account details -> contact info -> ‘Add a phone number’). 2. Go to the link and […]

How to configure a Counter-Strike 2 server

Configuring a Counter-Strike 2 server is a key management element that allows you to fully personalize your gaming experience. Our game server panel enables you to quickly configure various settings such as game mode, map, number of slots, server password, admin password, starting money, round time, and many more. Additionally, with full access to server […]