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How to create token for a Counter-Strike 2 server

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Due to the latest update, you need to provide the Steam account token to your rented server!

Guide for creating a Steam account token:

1. You must enter a phone number in your Steam account settings(go to your account details -> contact info -> ‘Add a phone number’).

2. Go to the link and log in.

3. Enter the details for your game server: App ID = ID of the game (730 for CS:GO), in the Memo you can enter whatever you want (for example your IP:PORT).

4. When you are done you should receive your ‘Login Token’ code. 

Your code should look like this (each X will be replaced with your unique code):


5. Open the game panel and enter Startup tab.  Copy your code and paste it into ‘Steam Account Token’. Restart your server – everything should work now.

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If you need any assistance with your Counter-Strike 2 server, please contact our support team by Livechat, Support tickets or email.

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