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How to change Game Mode on a Counter-Strike 2 server

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game_type and game_mode are variables which allows you to change Game Mode in server panel. Follow this steps to know how to do it:

1. Stop your server.

2. Go to ‘Startup’ tab and enter numbers appropriate for Game Mode you have selected (see the table below).

How to change CS2 game mode

Game Mode game_type game_mode
Casual 0 0
Competitive 0 1
Wingman 0 2
Weapons Expert 0 3
Arms Race 1 0
Demolition 1 1
Deathmatch 1 2
Training 2 0
Custom 3 0
Guardian 4 0
Co-op Strike 4 1
War Games 5 0
Danger Zone 6 0

3. Start your server.

You can find more information about Game Modes here:

If you need any assistance with your Counter-Strike 2 server, please contact our support team by Livechat, Support tickets or email.

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