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Everything We know about the enigmatic world of Enshrouded

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After the incredible success of Palworld, January 2024 surprises us again. On January 24, Enshrouded, a game inspired by popular titles such as Valheim and Minecraft, debuted on Steam. In this article, we will delve into the incredible atmosphere and mechanics of the game that make it such an ambitious endeavor.

A journey through the mysterious land of Embervale

You will begin your adventure by entering an incredibly dangerous world full of secrets. Players will take on the role of the Flameborn, who faces an incredibly difficult task: freeing the land of Embervale from a terrible plague. Years ago, magicians caused a cataclysm that covered the area with a foggy shroud. This is not the only problem – the cursed land is inhabited by mutated beasts that lurk in the darkness and wait for victims. Your journey will be difficult, but exploring ruined villages and fighting fierce nature will bring some excitement. With each step and each puzzle solved, players will learn more and more about the enigmatic world of Enshrouded.

Advanced game mechanics

The world of Enshrouded offers players a wide range of activities to do. You will be able to craft various items in your workshops to which you can recruit friendly NPCs. The first mechanic worth discussing is crafting. The game gives us the opportunity to create various items such as tools and weapons. Once you become more familiar with the world of Enshrouded in your new base, you can start growing plants. The flexible farming system will allow you to create seedlings of your favorite plants that will grow food products necessary in your kitchen! It is worth mentioning the mechanics of cooking – step by step you will discover new recipes thanks to which you can prepare wonderful dishes, from simple sandwiches to outstanding soups made from grown vegetables.

Another thing worth discussing are the combat mechanics. The game offers various combat options, from hand-to-hand combat to using magic or archery. Each fighting style has its strengths and weaknesses, so each player can choose a style that suits his preferences. The combat mechanics are fluid, making battles engaging and satisfying.

The survival elements are not too harsh for players. An experienced player may have the impression that the gameplay does not have many consequences. It is possible to travel for days without sleep or food, and your character will not suffer many consequences. Dying is quite a minor problem – you will respawn keeping your weapons and armor quite close to the place of death. Food is a fairly common resource in the world of Enshrouded, so extremely lazy players will probably not start their adventure with the mechanics of growing plants. During the game, the element of survival plays a not very important role.

Expanded building system

One of the distinguishing features of Enshrouded is the building system, which shows the technical possibilities of the game and will positively surprise all fans of building. The game has a powerful and flexible voxel-based building system thanks to which you can build your dream structure block by block and you can change it using various tools. The game world is sculptable, so you can make any changes to the terrain with the help of a pickaxe. In a few simple steps, you can dig a hole in the ground and build a cozy Hobbit hut straight from the Lord of the Rings universe. If a cozy shelter is not enough for you, use your imagination and create a huge, majestic structure. The system of creating scaffolding will help you with this, thanks to which you can reach the highest, inaccessible places of your building. Overall, Enshrouded’s technical excellence shines through in its graphics, animations, and building system, enhancing the overall gameplay experience.

Enshrouded not only offers a wide range of mechanics and gameplay systems, but also impresses with its graphics and animation techniques. Whether you’re exploring the vast open world or dungeons, the graphics will transport you to a visually captivating land. Stunning graphics, soft lighting and even atmospheric mists create an atmospheric and immersive experience.

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