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How to enable karma system on a Barotrauma server

The Karma System is an optional server setting that is a means of punishing players who commit actions that are harmful to the crew. Many positive and negative factors influence the level of karma. Examples of reasons for lowering the karma level: harming team members destroying hulls and machines overheating the reactor Examples of reasons […]

How to enable traitors on a Barotrauma server

Traitors is a randomly generated side quest assigned to a random player in multiplayer. The player will receive a mission after some time in the game if this option is enabled during game setup. If one player and bots appear on the server, he will become a traitor because bots cannot get this task. Follow […]

How to connect to a Barotrauma server

This guide will show you step-by-step how to connect to Barotrauma server with two different methods: How to direct connect Barotrauma server How to connect Barotrauma server through in-game server browser   How to direct connect Barotrauma server: Below steps will show you how to connect by direct connect function, where you need to know […]

How to configure a Barotrauma server

Configuration adapts server to individual needs of the owner and players. A person with access to server files can change almost all parameters, such as maximum number of players, password and many others. If you want to configure your Barotrauma server follow this guide: 1. Stop your server Go to the “Console” tab in your […]

How to add an admin to a Barotrauma server

Follow these steps to add an administrator to your Barotrauma server: 1. Stop your server Open server panel website in your favorite browser and log in with your credentials. Select your Barotrauma server from the list – you should be redirected to the “Console” tab where you can click on “Stop” button to stop your […]