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We offer Barotrauma Dedicated Server Hosting. Join us and get powerful hardware with Unlimited CPU and Storage at affordable prices and experience best performance for your seamless gaming.
Pay just for RAM, without slot limits.

  • Unlimited slots
  • Instant setup
  • Server splitter
  • DDoS protection
  • Free subdomain
  • Full SFTP file control
  • Intel i9 or Ryzen CPU
  • DDR4 RAM memory
  • Full NVMe storage
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • Steam Workshop Support
  • Rich feature CP
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Our Barotrauma Server Plans

1 GB

$1.5 3* / Monthly

  • Unlimited CPU
  • Unlimited NVMe
  • 1 Backup Set
  • 0 Server Split
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2 GB

$2.75 5.5* / Monthly

  • Unlimited CPU
  • Unlimited NVMe
  • 1 Backup Set
  • 1 Server Split
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3 GB

$4.25 8.5* / Monthly

  • Unlimited CPU
  • Unlimited NVMe
  • 2 Backup Set
  • 2 Server Split
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4 GB

$5.5 11* / Monthly

  • Unlimited CPU
  • Unlimited NVMe
  • 2 Backup Set
  • 3 Server Split
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5 GB

$7 14* / Monthly

  • Unlimited CPU
  • Unlimited NVMe
  • 3 Backup Set
  • 4 Server Split
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? GB

$ ? / Monthly

  • Unlimited CPU
  • Unlimited NVMe
  • Custom Backup Set
  • Custom Server Split
Individual plan

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Barotrauma is a simulation game in which we play the role of a submarine crew member. Controlling a submarine requires the player to fill five positions such as captain, engineer, mechanic, doctor and assistant, so the best choice is to play in multiplayer mode. The game's plot focuses on a group of adventurers who, after escaping from the planet Earth, found shelter on Europa. Europa, Jupiter's ice-covered moon, can only be explored in the depths of the ocean, so a rather claustrophobic adventure awaits players. While traversing the waters of the European ocean, you will come across many mysterious objects, such as ancient ruins, abandoned colonies on Earth or submarine wrecks. You will also discover that the waters are inhabited not only by people - unknown species of creatures can be a huge threat to the crew. The main task of players will be to keep the submarine in perfect technical condition, as it can be damaged both by hostile creatures and high pressure or equipment failure. The crew must face crisis situations to repair damage and avoid oxygen loss. Barotruama features an advanced ship construction and configuration system, which will allow players to customize the units to their own needs. It is also possible to build your own research stations and transport submarines. Building extensive structures will not be possible without resource management and taking care of the crew's mental health, because stress and paranoia may lead to conflicts between co-workers!

At Servers4Gamers you can rent Barotrauma server in just a minutes - provisioning system will boot your server just right after payment. Our improved dedicated panel allows for full server administration and has features that make it easier to manage. Servers4Gamers team is always ready to help you in any problems. Rent your server today and take control over the crew of a submarine!

Why Servers4Gamers Hosting?

There are many server features that Servers4Gamers Hosting offers to gamers.
Look below to check out only couple of strong sides which convenience you to choose our offer.

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Start your underwater adventure in minutes

The waiting time for the Barotrauma server will surprise all impatient players! As soon as payment is received, your server will begin installation and will be ready in just a few minutes! Just one click is enough to enjoy an underwater adventure with your friends.

Take advantage of our knowledge

We have prepared extensive knowledgebase to solve the most common problems related to the Barotrauma server. If the answers provided in the guides did not help, feel free to contact our experienced staff!

Barotrauma features image
Barotrauma features image

Personalize your server

Want to upgrade your Barotrauma adventure? No problem! Thanks to our custom game server panel, installing mods on the Barotrauma server is quite easy! Our clients have full SFTP access to fully manage their server.

DDoS Protection

Our goal is to provide safe, uninterrupted and lag-free services, that's why we are using an advanced security methods to effectively neutralize DDOS attacks that may harm your server, ensuring continuous access to the world of Barotrauma. Join us today and enjoy seamless gaming with your friends!

without limits
Unlimited Slots

Not sure how many slots you need? No worries! Servers4Gamers does not impose any number of slots on the server. Our hosting focuses on flexibility, so when you buy a Barotrauma server, you will receive the number of resources you choose, which you can use however you want.

wide choice
Locations Around the World

Choose from 3 datacenter locations worldwide to play without worries of high latency to your Barotrauma server.Servers4Gamers offers Barotrauma servers in several locations to ensure lowest ping to players location. Choose an nearest datacenter and enjoy the game with your friends without delays!

Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to contact us via Live Chat if you have any questions regarding our hosting. When encountering any issues related to server management, website operation, or payments, please send us an email or create a ticket. Our consultants will respond to all inquiries as quickly as possible. Additionally, we recommend using our Knowledgebase, where you can find guides describing the most common issues related to server management and the game server panel.
It only takes a few steps to create your Barotrauma server easily. First, create an account and log in to our website. Once you've done that, select the Barotrauma server plan, add it to your cart, and proceed to checkout. Shortly after we receive payment, the server installation will begin, and you will receive an email with access to the game server panel. Within a few minutes, the server will finish installation and be ready for configuration!
Yes, our clients can manually create a backup of their server using the game server panel. The number of possible backups depends on the server plan chosen beforehand. Additionally, we perform a full backup of our servers every 24 hours, allowing for server restoration in case of issues.
Yes, our servers are protected against network attacks to avoid unnecessary disruptions.
Yes, our servers are always up to date with the latest updates. By default, your server should have the auto-update option enabled, allowing for the installation of the latest data after server restart.
Yes, server upgrade is possible. You can increase the number of backups (up to 10) and the amount of RAM at any time. To do this, log in to our website and go to the "My Services" tab - you will find here a list of servers rented from us. Choose the Barotrauma server to access the upgrade option.
Yes, of course. Our clients can take advantage of a one-time 7-day free trial period for the selected server. Server migration from the trial period to the paid subscription version is also possible (if you wish to migrate your server, contact our support).
Yes, clients have unlimited configuration options for their server. Our panel includes a quick configuration tab where you can change parameters such as password, server name, and many more. Additionally, the SFTP protocol gives you full control over server files, allowing you to customize the server to your individual needs.
Yes, our servers are always online. This is the main reason why players opt for the professional services offered by our hosting. Even if your computer is turned off, your friends will be able to continue playing on your server.
You can connect to your server using the in-game server browser. First, launch your game and select the "Server Browser" option from the main menu. Enter the name of your server in the top left corner, select the server from the list, and press the "Join" button. If you wish to connect directly using the server address, use the "Direct Join" option.

Latest Barotrauma articles

Check out latest knowledgebase articles. Our resources contains a strong knowledge about Barotrauma server administration and latest news from game world! You will find know-how about basic and advanced server customization.

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How to enable karma system on a Barotrauma server

The Karma System is an optional server setting that is a means of punishing players who commit actions that are harmful to the crew. Many positive and negative factors influence the level of karma. Examples of reasons for lowering the karma level: harming team members destroying hulls and machines overheating the reactor Examples of reasons […]

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How to enable traitors on a Barotrauma server

Traitors is a randomly generated side quest assigned to a random player in multiplayer. The player will receive a mission after some time in the game if this option is enabled during game setup. If one player and bots appear on the server, he will become a traitor because bots cannot get this task. Follow […]

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How to configure a Barotrauma server

Configuration adapts server to individual needs of the owner and players. A person with access to server files can change almost all parameters, such as maximum number of players, password and many others. If you want to configure your Barotrauma server follow this guide: 1. Stop your server Go to the “Console” tab in your […]

Easy to use control panel

We are offering a clean and easy control panel for our game hosting, with all the feature you need.

Simple and Functional

Simple game server panel, designed to be functional and easy to use. Take a full control of your server and game server files. Intuitive design composed with huge list of functions make our panel useful even with advanced operation on your server.

Automated Backups

You can configure automated backup features straight from control panel for your convenience, with a possibility to download or restore backup anytime you want. Setup a schedulers to periodically backup your server data. Don't worry about data loss anymore!

Custom Made Control Panel

There are only a few mentioned features that our custom control panel provides: 1-click Mod Manager with build-in mods, Split your server to smaller instances from free resources, Create your own subdomain for your server, Setup an automatic schedulers, many quick setup option from Startup tab, Create and manage users and many more!

Our Locations

We currently have servers in 3 data centers, located in close distance to major cities all over the world.

Localization Map

Low Pings

To ensure seamless gaming experience without delays or lags caused by long distance to server location.

  • Central Europe
    Germany - Falkenstein
  • North America - East Coast
    Canada - Montreal
  • North Europe
    Finland - Helsinki
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