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Ark: Survival Evolved

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How to connect to an ARK server

ARK: Survival Evolved offers various ways to join a server, depending on your preferences and where you obtained the game. In this guide, we’ll explore three methods: connecting through Steam, directly via in-game server browser and via the Epic Games Launcher.  Our game servers support all mentioned methods of connection. In this article you will find: […]

How to install mods on an ARK server

Installing modifications on ARK server allows you to adapt it to the individual needs of players. Modifications have many positive sides and enrich our gameplay with new content, and in addition, some of them improve the performance of our servers. This guide contains two methods by which you can install modifications on your server. First […]

How to configure an ARK server

ARK server configuration is an important process that affects the quality of gameplay and player experience. It allows you to adapt the server to the individual needs of players and the server owner. The administrator can change almost all parameters, from the number of players to the number of dinosaurs on the map. In this […]