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How to configure an ARK server

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ARK server configuration is an important process that affects the quality of gameplay and player experience. It allows you to adapt the server to the individual needs of players and the server owner. The administrator can change almost all parameters, from the number of players to the number of dinosaurs on the map. In this guide you will learn how to properly configure your ARK server.

If you want to configure your Ark: Survival Evolved server follow this guide:

1. Navigate “Startup” tab and perform basic configuration

Go to the server panel. In the “Servers” tab find your ARK server. Click on your server and find “Startup” tab.

This tab contains the most important parameters of your server. You can change them without editing the configuration file. The table below shows all variables you can change in ‘Startup’ tab:

Server PasswordSet server password
Admin PasswordPleaseChangeMeSet admin password
MapTheIslandChange server map (you can choose between: TheIsland, TheCenter, Ragnarok, ScorchedEarth_P, Aberration_P, Extinction, Valguero_P, Genesis, CrystalIsles, Gen2)
Auto-update serverOFFEnable/disable auto-update for server
Battle EyeONEnable/disable BattleEye
Server Namedefault hostnameAssign name for your server
Additional Arguments-crossplaySet additional launch parameters for your server
Max Players10Set maximum number of players allowed on your server
PvE EnabledOFFEnable/disable PvE combat mode on your server

2. Perform more advanced configuration

“Startup” tab contains only few variables. If you want to change more advanced parameters of your server, you must edit Game.ini and GameUserSettings.ini files.

Go to your server panel and navigate “Files” tab. Follow this paths to find .ini files:



Game.ini – this file can be used for more advanced server modifications (default file is empty)

GameUserSettings.ini – this file contains server variables which you can freely modify (default most of variables is included here but not all – those not included you can find here and enter by yourself)

3. Restart your server

Navigate “Console” tab in your server panel. Click on a “Restart” button to restart your server.

If you need any assistance with your ARK server, please contact our support team by Livechat, Support tickets or email.

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