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Garrys Mod

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How to create token for a Garrys Mod server

Your Garry’s Mod server may be difficult to find in the server list without GSLT implemented. Once you enter your token into the configuration file, the server will be better positioned on the list and therefore more visible to potential players.   How to create a Game Server Login Token(GSLT) for Garry’s Mod server: 1. […]

How to enable RCON on a Garrys Mod server

RCON protocol is necessary if you want to manage your server using the console. It allows you to control various aspects of the server, such as user administration, game settings, plugins, maps. First, set the password: 1. Go to server panel website and select your Garry’s Mod server from the list. You should be redirected […]

How to configure a Garrys Mod server

Garry’s Mod server configuration gives administrators full control over all aspects of the game. It allows you to fully adapt the game to the needs of the often demanding community. The server allows you to install additional maps, mods and plugins that improve the gameplay and allow you to offer unique functions often unavailable on […]

How to connect to a Garrys Mod server

Garry’s Mod is a sandbox game that allows players to experiment with their own worlds. It offers a wide range of modes, modifications and other extensions that allow you to freely personalize your server. If you have already finished configuring your server, it’s time for some great gameplay in the world of Garry’s Mod!   […]