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How to create token for a Garrys Mod server

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Your Garry’s Mod server may be difficult to find in the server list without GSLT implemented. Once you enter your token into the configuration file, the server will be better positioned on the list and therefore more visible to potential players.


How to create a Game Server Login Token(GSLT) for Garry’s Mod server:

1. Make sure your Steam account meets all requirements before generating a token

Your account should not be restricted, blocked or banned. It should have an added and verified phone number (if you haven’t added it yet, go to your “Account details” -> “Contact info” -> “Add a phone number”).

2. Login on Steam website

Follow this link and login.

3. Enter the details

At the bottom of the page there is a place where you must enter your App ID and Memo.

The App ID value is the ID of the game for which you want to create a token. In the case of Garry’s Mod, App ID = 4000. Memo is a note in which you can enter any content that reminds you what the token is.

Now you should receive your “Login Token” code. 

Your code should look like this (each X will be replaced with your unique code):


4. Stop your server

Go to the server panel website and select your Garry’s Mod server from the list. You should be redirected to the “Console”  tab where you can quickly select “Stop” button.

5. Add GSLT to your server

Once you are in a server panel, select “Startup” tab. Here you can find the most important server parameters like “Steam Account Token”. In this place you should paste your Steam token.

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6. Start your server

Come back to the “Console” tab and click on “Start” button.


If you need any assistance with your Garrys Mod server, please contact our support team by Livechat, Support tickets or email.

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