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How to enable RCON on a Garry’s Mod server

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Enabling RCON (Remote Console) on your Garry’s Mod server allows you to manage and control your server remotely. This can be incredibly useful for administrators who need to perform actions like kicking players, changing maps, or executing server commands without being physically present on the server machine. Follow these steps to enable RCON on your Garry’s Mod server.

What is RCON?

RCON stands for Remote Console. Is necessary if you want to manage your server using the console. It allows you to control various aspects of the server, such as user administration, game settings, plugins, maps.

First, set the password:

1. Go to server panel website and select your Garry’s Mod server from the list. You should be redirected to the “Console” tab where you need to click on “Stop button – then, go to the “Startup” tab.

2. Locate RCON Password window and enter your RCON password.

How to set up gmod RCON Password 1

3. Select “Console” tab again and start your server with “Start” button.

Enable RCON on your Garry’s Mod server:

1. Join your server. If you don’t know how, use our guide.

2. Open game-in development console.

3. Type in:

rcon_password yourpassword

Now you should be able to perform all admin actions. You can check if you have admin functions by typing in:

rcon status

Enabling RCON on your Garry’s Mod server is a straightforward process that provides powerful remote management capabilities. By following these steps, you can easily configure and use RCON to enhance your server administration experience.

If you need any assistance with your Garrys Mod server, please contact our support team by Livechat, Support tickets or email.

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