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Demon Horde Brings a Revolution to Mordhau Servers

Mordhau, a popular game known for its brutal medieval-style combat, has introduced an exciting new update. Demon Horde brings significant changes and new features that completely transform the existing gameplay. New Game Mode: Demon Horde The titular Demon Horde is a mode that replaces the former Horde mode. In this new mode, players face waves […]

Enshrouded Melodies of Mire: All about new content

The latest update for Enshrouded, Melodies of Mire, brings a breath of fresh air and new challenges for players. It introduces a range of exciting features, a new mysterious region called Blackmire and much more. In this article, we will focus on the most important of these new additions! New land to explore Blackmire is […]

Palworld Sakurajima: New Island, New Pals and more

Experience an Unforgettable Adventure on Sakurajima Island The world of Palworld has become even more exciting with the latest update. Players can now embark on new adventures on the mysterious island of Sakurajima, which impresses with its diverse scenery and new challenges. The June update introduces rich Japanese-style temples surrounded by blooming cherry blossoms, as […]

7 Days to Die Alpha Exodus: Roadmap 2024 and more

In June 2024, the long-awaited day will arrive, a day that thousands of fans of the cult post-apocalyptic game 7 Days to Die have dreamed of. After more than 12 years of intensive development, the game will leave Early Access and transition to the full version 1.0, also known as Alpha 22. This pivotal moment […]

Valheim Ashlands Update: New biome and content

Valheim Ashlands Update: New biome and content Valheim, a survival game inspired by Norse mythology, has gained a huge fanbase since its debut in 2021. For all those who might be slightly weary of the last major update that introduced the Mistlands, we have great news! Starting May 14, 2024, a completely new terrain awaits […]

15 Best Mods for Barotrauma

Barotrauma is an incredibly addictive computer game that has gained popularity thanks to its mechanics and openness to modifications created by the modding community. The most popular modifications are those that introduce new vehicles, expanding the area of ​​available submarines. Another interesting category are mods that add new missions and campaigns that give players completely […]

Best 7 Days to Die Mods

15 best mods you can install on your 7 Days to die server! 7 Days to Die is a post-apocalyptic survival game in which you have to face hordes of bloodthirsty zombies. The gameplay of the classic version of the game was appreciated by many fans, although modifications can make it even better. In this […]

Sons of the Forest: Item ID List

Sons of the Forest: Item ID List and How To Get Them All Sons of the Forest is an extremely challenging survival game in which you explore an island full of cannibals. Searching for items necessary to discover new places can be frustrating. In this article you will learn the ID of all items included […]

Enshrouded: Beginner’s Guide

If you’re new to the world of Enshrouded, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we will look at the most important elements of the game that all new players should know. 1. Plan development of your skill tree In Enshrouded you will find three categories of the skill tree: green (dexterity), red […]

Enshrouded: Hollow Halls Update

New spooky NPC and sitting on toilet! The “Hollow Halls” update introduced a large number of points included in Roadmap 2024. The creators of Enshrouded are certainly not idle! The highlight of the update is certainly the introduction of “Hollow Halls”, brand new dungeons available in every biome. In the Hollow Halls, a number of […]