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How to connect to a Terraria server

Terraria is a sandbox adventure game that offers players the freedom to explore a world full of secrets, treasures and development opportunities. If you have already finished configuring your server, you can go ahead and join the game! *If you haven’t done it yet, use our tutorials that will guide you through configuring the Terraria […]

How to install mods on a tModLoader server

tModLoader is the official modding tool for Terraria, which allows for easy installation, creation, and management of mods that can be downloaded as a free application on the Steam platform. In this guide, I will explain step by step how to use tModLoader and how to install modifications on your Terraria server. How to install […]

How to configure a Terraria tModLoader server

tModLoader is a unique tool created for the game Terraria, used for installing modifications on the server. Thanks to it, players can easily install, update, and manage mods that significantly expand the gameplay compared to the vanilla version. Configuring the tModLoader server will allow you to tailor it to the individual needs of players, and […]

How to configure a Terraria TShock server

TShock is an advanced server mod that enables the introduction of advanced management and security features not available in the standard version of Terraria. Configuring a TShock server allows for the customization of settings according to the individual preferences of the administrator and other players. In our game server panel, you can change parameters such […]

How to configure a Terraria Vanilla server

Configuring a Terraria Vanilla server is a basic task that you should perform after renting a server from us. It allows you to customize various aspects of the gameplay, from the server name, number of slots, and password to the world name, world size, difficulty, and message of the day. Adjusting these variables will enable […]