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Left 4 Dead 2

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How to install mods on a Left 4 Dead 2 server

Left 4 Dead 2 becomes even more thrilling with mods that enhance gameplay with adding new scenarios, objects and many more. Follow these simple steps to install mods on your Left 4 Dead 2 server: 1. Subscribe to the Mod on Steam Workshop Start by browsing the Steam Workshop and finding the Left 4 Dead […]

How to configure a Left 4 Dead 2 server

Configuring a Left 4 Dead 2 server is a critical element that allows administrators to tailor the gameplay to the needs of players. There is the possibility to change a range of variables such as server name, number of slots, map, game mode, server password, admin password, and many others. These basic variables can be […]

How to connect to a Left 4 Dead 2 server

In this guide, you will learn how to join your Left 4 Dead 2 server using the three most popular methods: connecting via the list of favorite addresses in the Steam application, via server list and via the development console. How to connect Left 4 Dead 2 server via Steam Favorites List Launch the Steam […]