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How to install mods on a Left 4 Dead 2 server

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Left 4 Dead 2 becomes even more thrilling with mods that enhance gameplay with adding new scenarios, objects and many more. Follow these simple steps to install mods on your Left 4 Dead 2 server:

1. Subscribe to the Mod on Steam Workshop

Start by browsing the Steam Workshop and finding the Left 4 Dead 2 modification you’re interested in. Click the “Subscribe” button to add it to your collection.

How to install L4D2 mods 1

2. Locate Your Local Game Files.

Open your Steam library, right-click on “Left 4 Dead 2,” and select “Manage”. From there, click on “Browse Local Files.” This will open the directory where your game files are stored.

How to install L4D2 mods 2

3. Navigate to the Workshop Folder

In your local files, find the following path:

SteamLibrarysteamappscommonLeft 4 Dead 2left4dead2addonsworkshop

Here, you’ll find the .vpk mod file you subscribed to on the Steam Workshop.

How to install L4D2 mods 3

5. Locate addons directory in Your Server

Access your server panel, and go to the “Files” tab. Navigate to:


Once there, click on the “Upload” button.

6. Upload the Mod to Your Server

A file dialog will appear. Select the .vpk mod file you found in the workshop folder and click “Open” to initiate the upload process.

How to install L4D2 mods 4

7. Restart Your Server

To activate the mod, you’ll need to restart your Left 4 Dead 2 server. Go to “Console” tab and restart your server.

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