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How to enable traitors on a Barotrauma server

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Traitors is a randomly generated side quest assigned to a random player in multiplayer. The player will receive a mission after some time in the game if this option is enabled during game setup. If one player and bots appear on the server, he will become a traitor because bots cannot get this task.

Follow this steps to know how to enable traitors on your Barotrauma server:

1. Launch Barotrauma game

2. Connect to your server

Connect your Barotrauma server using method you like. You can join your server using in-game server browser or, if your server is not public, using direct connect option.

3. Select appropriate Game Mode

To activate the traitor, you must choose one of three game mods – Sandbox, Mission or PvP. The traitor option is not possible during Campaign.

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4. Set the probability of a traitor

“Traitor Settings” section gives you an option to set traitor probability from 0 to 100%. Here, you can also set maximum danger level.

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5. Start the game

Click on “Start” button to start your journey on the Jupiter’s moon!


If you need any assistance with your Barotrauma server, please contact our support team by Livechat, Support tickets or email.

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