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How to add an admin to a Barotrauma server

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Follow these steps to add an administrator to your Barotrauma server:

1. Stop your server

Open server panel website in your favorite browser and log in with your credentials. Select your Barotrauma server from the list – you should be redirected to the “Console” tab where you can click on “Stop” button to stop your server.

2. Navigate configuration file

Go to the “Files” tab to access server files. You can add an administrator in clientpermissions.xml file, so follow this path to find it: /home/container/Data/clientpermissions.xml

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3. Type in your Steam ID

To add an admin, you need to paste appropriate lines between <ClientPermissions> and </ClientPermissions>. Copy and paste the following expression into the appropriate place:

<Client name="YourInGameName" steamid="YourSteamID" preset="Admin" />

How to become Barotrauma admin 2

4. Save changes

Click on “SAVE CONTENT” button in the right bottom corner to save all previously entered data.

5. Start your server

Come back to the “Console” tab and click on “Start” button to start your server.

Now you can join your Barotrauma server. You should see a window with available administrator permissions:

How to become Barotrauma admin 3


If you need any assistance with your Barotrauma server, please contact our support team by Livechat, Support tickets or email.

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