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How to enable karma system on a Barotrauma server

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The Karma System is an optional server setting that is a means of punishing players who commit actions that are harmful to the crew. Many positive and negative factors influence the level of karma.

Examples of reasons for lowering the karma level:

  • harming team members
  • destroying hulls and machines
  • overheating the reactor

Examples of reasons for increasing the level of karma:

  • harming monsters
  • repairing hulls and machines
  • controlling a submarine

Follow this steps to learn how to enable karma system on your Barotrauma server:

1. Launch Barotrauma game

2. Join your server

Connect to your Barotrauma server using the method you like – you can connect using in-game server browser or, if your server is not public, using direct connect option.

3. Open server settings in the lobby

Once you are connected to the server, it’s time to open server settings by clicking on “Settings” button

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4. Open appropriate tab

Once you have selected server settings, you should be redirected to the new floating window. Select “ANTI-GRIEFING” tab.

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5. Enable karma system

In the “ANTI-GRIEFING” tab select “Use Karma” option by clicking on checkbox.

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6. Adjust the settings to your needs

Under the “Use Karma” checkbox you can choose from three Karma Settings options – Strict, Default and Custom. “Custom” option gives you a possibility to change Karma system details.

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If you need any assistance with your Barotrauma server, please contact our support team by Livechat, Support tickets or email.

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