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How to upload custom map on a Rust server

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Custom maps are a great solution for more demanding server owners who want to have control over biomes and monuments!

Read this guide to learn how to upload custom map to your Rust server:

1. Stop your server

Go to the server panel and find your Rust server on the list. After clicking on Rust server you should be redirected to the “Console” tab. Click on the “Stop” button to stop your server.

2. Turn on Oxide Mod

Once you are in a server panel, navigate “Startup” tab. You should see server configuration options. Find “OXIDEMOD” option and turn it on.

3. Start your server

Once you have turned on modification, you need to start your server to install Oxide Mod. Navigate “Console” tab and click on “Start” button to start your server.

4. Install RustEdit Oxide extension

When your server is started you can install RustEdit Oxide extension. Navigate “Mods” tab to find it, then click on “INSTALL” button to install modification.

5. Download map file

Find the map you want to play on. Then, download custom map file (the file must have .map extension to work) on your computer.

6. Upload map file to Dropbox

Copy link and replace ending &dl=0 with &dl=1.

7. Go to server panel and select “Startup” tab

8. Paste map URL

Find ‘CUSTOM MAP URL’ window, then and paste recently copied link.

9. Restart your server

Navigate “Console” tab. Click on “Restart” button to restart your server.


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