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How to configure a Rust server

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Configuration adapts server to individual needs of the owner and players. A person with access to server files can change almost all parameters, such as maximum number of players, password and many others.

If you want to configure your Rust server follow this guide:

1. Stop your server

Go to the server panel and search for your server on the list. Once you have found your server – click on it to see server details. You should be redirected to the “Console” tab. Search for and click on “Stop” button to stop your server.

2. Navigate “Startup” to perform basic configuration

This tab contains the most important parameters of your server – you can change them without editing the configuration file. The table below shows all variables you can change in “Startup” tab.

Server Namedefault hostnameAssign name for your server
OxideModOFFTurn on/off OxideMod on your server
LevelProcedural MapSelect world file for your server (Procedural Map or Barren)
DescriptionPowered by Servers4GamersType in your server description
URLhttp://servers4gamers.comType in URL of website which will appear when clicking “Visit Website” button
World Size2000Set world size for a procedural map (1000 = min size, 6000 = max size)
World SeedType in world seed for a procedural map
Max Players10Set maximum number of players allowed on your server
RCON PasswordCHANGEMESet admin password
Save Interval600Set auto-save interval in seconds
Additional ArgumentsType in additional server startup parameters
Custom Map URLOverwrite map with one of direct download URLs
Game ModevanillaChange game mode (vanilla, survival, softcore, hardcore, weapontest)

3. Perform more advanced configuration

“Startup” tab contains only some of variables. You can configure more advances elements of your server in server.cfg file.

Go to the “Files” tab in your server panel to find configuration file. Follow this path: /home/container/server/rust/cfg/server.cfg (if server.cfg doesn’t exist, you must create a new file).

List of available cvars is here:

4. Restart your server

Once you have configured your server it’s time to approve all changes. Navigate “Console” tab and select “Restart” button to restart your server.

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