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How to add tags to a Rust server

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Tags in the Rust server are used to identify and categorize game servers. They can help players find servers that match their preferences and expectations. Tags allow you to determine whether the player will face only the (PvE) environment on the server and even where the server is located in order to play with the lowest possible delay.

Follow the steps below to learn how to add tags to your rust server:

1. Navigate Rust server console

Go to the server panel. Select the Rust server from your server list – you should be redirected to the “Console” tab.

2. Type in command

Enter the command given below to add the tags of your choice. The full list of tags can be found in the table at the end of this guide. Remember that the maximum number of tags you can enter is 4.

server.tags "tag1,tag2,tag3..."

Once you have entered the appropriate tags to your server, launch the game and search for your server in the server browser. Your tags should look like this:

List of available tags:

Value Title Group
monthly Monthly Wipe Schedule
biweekly Biweekly Wipe Schedule
weekly Weekly Wipe Schedule
vanilla Vanilla Difficulty
hardcore Hardcore Difficulty
softcore Softcore Difficulty
pve PvE  
roleplay Roleplay  
creative Creative  
minigame Minigame  
training Combat Training  
battlefield Battlefield  
broyale Battle Royale  
builds Build Server  
NA North America Region
SA South America Region
EU Europe Region
WA West Asia Region
EA East Asia Region
OC Oceania Region
AF Africa Region


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