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How to connect to a Factorio server

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This tutorial will guide you how to connect your Factorio server on two different methods:

  • How to connect by direct connect function
  • How to connect by in-game server browser

How to Connect to a Factorio Game Server:

Method 1: Connect through direct connect function

1. Launch Factorio game

Begin by opening the Factorio game on your computer. Ensure that your server have the same version as game installed on your PC. Server version number is displayed in server logs. To check Factorio game version see upper left corner of game window.

2. Access multiplayer menu

Once your game is running and you see main menu, select “Multiplayer” option.

How to connect Factorio server 1

3. Use direct connect function

In the Multiplayer menu, select the “Connect to address” option to directly connect to game server.

How to connect Factorio server 2

4. Enter server details

You’ll now be prompted to enter the server’s IP address and port number in the format IP:PORT. Type IP address and port that you found in control panel at “Console” or “Network” tab.

5. Connect to the server

After entering the IP and port, click the “Connect” button to initiate the connection process. Factorio will attempt to establish a connection with your server.

How to connect Factorio server 3

If you encounter problems connecting to the server, double-check the IP/port and server state.

Method 2: Connecting via in-game server browser

1. Launch Factorio game

To access in-game server browser, you need to launch Factorio on your PC. Please ensure that your game version is compatible with server version.

2. Access multiplayer menu

Once your game is running and you see main menu, select “Multiplayer’ option.

How to connect Factorio server 4

3. Use in-game server browser to find your server

From “Multiplayer” menu select “Browse public games” to access in-game server browser.

How to connect Factorio server 5

4. Find your Factorio game server

From server browser, you can find your game in order to join it. To Find a server in list, you can use a filter from right side of window, or use a term search function, which can be found in right upper corner of server browser window. You can also access by “CTRL+F” key combination. Type name of your server and mark it via single click on it.

How to connect Factorio server 6

5. Join your server

After you select a server in browser, you can use “Join game” function in right lower end. Game will connect to server immediately.

Now you’re ready to dive into the world of Factorio and collaborate with others in building intricate factories and solving complex logistics challenges.


If you need any assistance with your Factorio server, please contact our support team by Livechat, Support tickets or email.

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