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Palworld Map: 10 best Pals to catch early

  • 15th February 2024
Starting your adventure in the world of Palworld can be quite difficult. Your first goal should be to establish a self-sustaining base where you employ Pals. In this article, we tell you which Pals...
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Work Traits: Best Pals to work in your base

  • 13th February 2024
In this article we will focus on all the types of work that Pals can do. Additionally, we'll list the Pals with the highest levels of these skills to help you select the most experienced...
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Pals breeding guide and most popular Pal combinations

  • 8th February 2024
Catching the rare species of Pals is an incredibly difficult challenge. The Palworld game gives you a slightly easier opportunity to catch the species you want by running your own breeding farm....
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Everything We know about the enigmatic world of Enshrouded

  • 31st January 2024
After the incredible success of Palworld, January 2024 surprises us again. On January 24, Enshrouded, a game inspired by popular titles such as Valheim and Minecraft, debuted on Steam. In this...
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