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How to change image/logo on a Rust server

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If you want to change server image and logo follow this guide:

1. Navigate "Files" tab in your server

First, you need to get access to Rust server files. Go to server panel. You should see your server list - find Rust server and click on it. Navigate "Files" tab.

2. Enter server.cfg file

Once you are in a "Files" tab, you need to open server.cfg file. Follow this path to find appropriate file: /home/container/server/rust/cfg/server.cfg

3. Add server image

Paste following line into server.cfg file to add server image:

server.headerimage "<your_link>"

4. Add server logo

Paste following line into server.cfg file to add server logo:

server.logoimage "<your_link>"

Remember to change "your_link" to a link leading to the image you selected!

5. Save changes

Click on "SAVE CONTENT" to save previously done changes.

6. Restart your server

Navigate "Console" tab and click on "Restart" button to restart your server.


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