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How to use Schedule tab

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If you want to create a new recurring event, click 'Create Schedule'.

How to use Schedule tab 1

Enter the name and define the period of occurrence (for example: the screenshot event will be executed every 5 minutes). You can choose if you want the event to start immediately after approval by 'Create Schedule' - choose enabled/disabled.

How to use Schedule tab 2

Such a bar should appear after validation.

How to use Schedule tab 3

Click in the center of this bar for details.

How to use Schedule tab 4

If you want to add a new action to a recurring event, click 'New Task'.

How to use Schedule tab 5

At the beginning, choose one of the three options (Send command/Send power action/Create backup). To delay the execution of the task, enter the number of seconds in the Time Offset field.

In the Task Payload field, enter the command to be executed during the action on the server. Approve by 'Create Task.

This is your task bar:

How to use Schedule tab 6

You can edit/delete you task How to use Schedule tab 7.

If you want to delete recurring event, click 'Delete'. 'Run Now' is forcing the task to complete now. How to use Schedule tab 8

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