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We offer Sons of the Forest Dedicated Server Hosting. Join us and get powerful hardware with Unlimited CPU and Storage at affordable prices and experience best performance for your seamless gaming.
Pay just for RAM, without slot limits.

  • Unlimited slots
  • Instant setup
  • Server splitter
  • DDoS protection
  • Free subdomain
  • Full SFTP file control
  • Intel i9 or Ryzen CPU
  • DDR4 RAM memory
  • Full NVMe storage
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • Mods support
  • Rich feature CP

Our Sons of the Forest Server Plans

8 GB

$6.25 12.5* / Monthly

  • Unlimited CPU
  • Unlimited NVMe
  • 1 Backup Set
  • 0 Split Limit
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10 GB

$7.75 15.5* / Monthly

  • Unlimited CPU
  • Unlimited NVMe
  • 1 Backup Set
  • 0 Split Limit
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12 GB

$9.5 19* / Monthly

  • Unlimited CPU
  • Unlimited NVMe
  • 2 Backup Set
  • 0 Split Limit
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14 GB

$11 22* / Monthly

  • Unlimited CPU
  • Unlimited NVMe
  • 2 Backup Set
  • 0 Split Limit
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16 GB

$12.75 25.5* / Monthly

  • Unlimited CPU
  • Unlimited NVMe
  • 3 Backup Set
  • 1 Split Limit
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? GB

$ ? / Monthly

  • Unlimited CPU
  • Unlimited NVMe
  • Custom Backup Set
  • Custom Server Split
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Sons of the Forest is a survival horror game that is a sequel to the cult game The Forest, released by Endnight Games studio. In the second, even better part of the game, we will once again find ourselves on a terrifying island full of mutants and cannibals. Starting our adventure, we will embody a special agent who survives a plane crash. The helicopter he was traveling in is shot down by an unknown man, causing the death of the pilot and the mutilation of our new friend, Kelvin.

The open world, almost entirely covered in forest, will be observed from a first-person perspective. In addition to dense forest, we will discover various locations such as beaches, waterfalls, bunkers, and dark caves. Staying in such a dangerous place is a huge challenge, fortunately, the creators have prepared an extensive crafting system that will help you survive. Players will have a lot of work collecting basic resources such as wood or stone, but here they will find significant facilitation - the character of Kelvin accompanies us not without reason! Our deaf friend will gladly help us with activities such as gathering sticks, lighting fires, or building our first base.

The extensive survival aspect forces players to take care not only of the level of food and hydration but also of their health. In this case, it will be complicated because from the beginning of the game, we will encounter aggressively minded island inhabitants. To defend against them, it will be necessary to personally make simple weapons and explore the island in search of more effective items, such as a stun gun or firearm. Sons of the Forest will surprise players with an improved building system - compared to the first part, they will find a more flexible possibility of creating various structures.

At Servers4Gamers you can rent Sons of the Forest server in just a minutes - provisioning system will boot your server just right after payment. Our improved dedicated panel allows for full server administration and has features that make it easier to manage. Servers4Gamers team is always ready to help you in any problems. Rent your server today and fight with demons!

Why Servers4Gamers Hosting?

There are many server features that Servers4Gamers Hosting offers to gamers.
Look below to check out only couple of strong sides which convenience you to choose our offer.

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High-Quality Servers

Are you looking for a high-quality Sons of the Forest server? You've come to the right place. Our servers are based on Ryzen/Intel Core i9 processors and the DDR4 memory standard. Servers4Gamers focuses on quality to ensure players have uninterrupted gameplay.

Multifunctional Panel

Our game server panel was designed with customer convenience in mind, so it includes features that allow you to easily manage your Sons of the Forest server. It allows you to create subdomains, backups and databases, divide servers, configure server files, manage users, install modifications and much more.

Sons of the Forest features image
Sons of the Forest features image


Are you having any problems with the Sons of the Forest server? Don't wait and contact us via ticket, Live chat or e-mail. Our consultants are always ready to help you solve any problems and answer all your questions.


Servers4Gamers hosting have prepared extensive knowledgebase that will guide you trough all basic and advanced customization of your game server. Want to install mods to your SOTF world? Take a look at our knowledgebase created with customers in mind. We have included the most necessary information about working with your server and control panel in a few simple guides.

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Locations Around the World

Servers4Gamers hosting offer 3 datacenter locations worldwide to play without worries of high latency to your SOTF dedicated server. With Servers4Gamers you can choose from several worldwide locations to ensure lowest ping to players location. Choose most suitable datacenter location and enjoy the game with your friends without delays!

DDoS Protection

Our goal is to provide safe, uninterrupted and lag-free services, that's why we are using an advanced security methods to effectively neutralize DDOS attacks that may harm your server, ensuring continuous access to the world of SOTF. Join us today and enjoy seamless gaming with your friends!

Frequently Asked Questions

Sons of the Forest is an incredibly immersive survival horror game. The game's action takes us to a mysterious island inhabited by groups of dangerous mutants. A sequel to The Forest, called also The Forest 2 will allow you to rediscover the mystery of the island where you will encounter a solid lesson in survival and an extensive crafting system.
You can easily connect to your SOTF server using the in-game browser:
1. Get to know the name of your server - it is available in the control panel under the "Console" tab.
2. Launch the SOTF game, select the "Multiplayer" option, and then click "Join".
3. Change the search filter to "Dedicated".
4. In the "Filter" window, enter the name of your server - it should appear on the list after some refresh time.
Yes, you can freely configure the variables of your server. The quick configuration tab in our control panel will allow you to change parameters such as password, hostname, number of slots, and many others. Additionally, thanks to full access to files, you can change other settings according to your preferences.
Yes, you can easily setup a password. Just go to the control panel and enter it in the quick configuration tab, then restart the server. With this settings your game world will be accessible only to selected individuals.
By default, the auto-update mode should be enabled on every new service. This means that with each server restart, the latest data will be installed. If you want to maintain a specific version, you can easily disable this feature in our control panel.
Your new service should be available within a few minutes. Right after finalizing the transaction, you will receive access data to the control panel where the Sons of the Forest server installation will be waiting for you.
On our hosting platform, you can rent your server starting from $12.5 for 8 GB of RAM. If you are a new customer, you can take advantage of a -50% promotion for the first month of subscription - in this case, the first month of the basic subscription plan will cost you only $6.25!
Yes, you can install any number of modifications. The SFTP protocol will give you full access to the files. Additionally, our hosting does not limit disk space consumption, so you will not have any restrictions!
Yes, you can upgrade your SOTF hosting plan at any time. Just go to "My Services", select your service, and start the upgrade process. It is possible to increase the number of available backups and the amount of RAM.
Yes, our customers have the chance to test the service of their choice once. The Free Trial will last for 7 days, and migration to a paid plan will be possible - if you want to transfer your free trial to a paid subscription, contact our support.
Yes, it is possible to transfer your current service to our hosting. If you decide to do so, please contact our consultants who will guide you step by step through the process. All your saved progress and world with be migrated to your instance
Our hosting does not limit the number of slots - you can change the number of slots at any time to suit your needs. However, please note that the game has a limit of 8 players who can be on your server. This is a limitation that we cannot modify for now.
Yes, our infrastructure are protected against unnecessary data loss. In addition to this form of backup, we recommend independently creating backups for our clients. In the "Backups" tab of our control panel, you can manually create from 1 to 10 backups of your server (the number depends on the previously selected hosting plan) to ensure complete security.
Yes, our clients can contact us in several ways and use the Knowledgebase prepared by our specialists. In case of issues with the website or your server, send us an email or create a ticket. If you want to ask us any questions, feel free to reach out to us via Live Chat. Most frequently encountered problems are described in extensive guides included in the Knowledgebase.
Yes, our Sons of the Forest servers are always available. This means that you do not have to be online all the time for other players to continue playing on your server.
We use the services of the best service providers, so you don't have to worry about unnecessary downtime or delays. Our Sons of the Forest servers are fully protected against network attacks to provide our clients with a sense of security.

Latest Sons of the Forest articles

Check out latest knowledgebase articles. Our resources contains a strong knowledge about Sons of the Forest server administration and latest news from game world! You will find know-how about basic and advanced customization.

Sons of the Forest servers now available! image
Sons of the Forest servers now available!

23 February 2023 Endnight Games published the long awaited sequel to The Forest The first part of the series focused on the story of a man who survived a passenger plane crash. His main goal was to find Timmy – the son who disappeared under mysterious circumstances. During the game, players will discover many secrets […]

Sons of the Forest 1.0: All Blueprints Locations image
Sons of the Forest 1.0: All Blueprints Locations

Check where you can find Sons of the Forest blueprints The full version of Sons of the Forest introduced a number of new plans that will expand your crafting possibilities. In this article you will find out what new products are waiting for you and where to find them. Powered Cross How to find the […]

How to connect to a Sons of the Forest server image
How to connect to a Sons of the Forest server

Have you just finished setting up your Sons of the Forest server? Great! It’s time to start your adventure on an island full of cannibals! The easiest way to join your Sons of the Forest server is to use in-game server browser. If you want to connect Sons of the Forest server follow this guide: […]

Easy to use control panel

We are offering a clean and easy control panel for our game hosting, with all the feature you need.

Simple and Functional

Servers4Gamers hosting offers their clients advanced control panel, designed to be functional and easy to use. Take an advantage of many build-in functions and take full control over your game world. Intuitive design composed with huge list of functions make our panel your best friend even with advanced operation on your server and great competitor on the market.

Automated Backups

Our advanced game server control panel allows you to configure automated backup features straight from control panel for your convenience, with a possibility to download or restore backup anytime you want. Setup a schedulers to periodically backup your data. Don't worry about data loss anymore!

Custom Made Control Panel

There are only a few mentioned features that our custom control panel provides: 1-click Mod Manager with build-in mods, Split your server instance to smaller piecies from free resources, create your own subdomains used to simplify connection to your world, Setup an automatic schedulers, many quick setup option from Startup tab, Create and manage users and many more!

Our Locations

We currently have servers in 3 data centers, located in close distance to major cities all over the world.

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Low Pings

To ensure seamless gaming experience without delays or lags caused by long distance to server location.

  • Central Europe
    Germany - Falkenstein
  • North America - East Coast
    Canada - Montreal
  • North Europe
    Finland - Helsinki
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