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Sons of the Forest servers now available!

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23 February 2023 Endnight Games published the long awaited sequel to The Forest

The first part of the series focused on the story of a man who survived a passenger plane crash. His main goal was to find Timmy – the son who disappeared under mysterious circumstances. During the game, players will discover many secrets of the island, which may even date back to ancient times! To survive, you will need to learn a variety of skills, from hunting to building defensive structures! The Forest has earned the title of one of the best survival games also thanks to the terrifying atmosphere of caves full of cannibals and mutants!

Sons of the Forest offers players a brand new adventure on a mysterious island full of cannibals and mutants

In the second part of the series, we play the role of a survivor who survived a helicopter crash. He wakes up in a place covered with endless forest and his goal is to unravel the mystery of a dangerous island. The game offers us an extensive crafting system and completely new elements such as companies, vehicles and new types of weapons!

The world of Sons of the Forest surprises us not only with an incredibly engaging plot and a completely new island full of secrets. It is worth noting that the creators used the most modern graphics engines available on the market. The game offers extremely realistic textures, smooth animations and extremely advanced lighting effects. A tracing method was also used, thanks to which the game has more depth and realism. Our attention also focused on an advanced physics system that realistically simulates movement and interaction with the environment. Every element of the game responds in an extremely real way. Full immersion in the world of Sons of the Forest is possible thanks to the use of modern technology such as immersive surround sound. While walking through vast forests, you will hear every whisper and gust of wind, and you will be enchanted by the sounds of wild nature.

The combination of extraordinary visual and sound effects is not all that will delight you. The intriguing world of Sons of the forest is not just a background for the plot. Every place you encounter during your journey hides some secret – from dark caves to vast bunkers. All this encourages us to explore every piece of the forest! Survival in the game is the basis. The game’s creators took care of an extremely realistic survival system that is based on the rules that apply in the real world. Players must scrupulously obtain fresh water and food, stay warm in a home-built shelter, and deal with wildlife. Fortunately, we don’t have to do it ourselves – thanks to the introduction of dedicated servers, we can take care of our survival together with our friends!

Kelvin and Virginia

During the game you will have two companions at your disposal, Kelvin and Virginia. Kelvin, like the main character, survived a helicopter crash. As a result of the accident, he becomes deaf, but you will be able to communicate with him using the notebook. Properly guided, he will become a construction virtuoso and will gladly show you the place where a group of hostile cannibals is hiding! Virginia, a female mutant, will appear near your base in the first few days. If you show her sympathy and interest, she will accompany you while unraveling the secrets of the island. Later in the game, you will be able to equip it with firearms, which will be a great help when fighting enemy units.


Ordinary items for extraordinary use

In the new version of the game, the creators took care of the players by giving them a huge range of combat and transport items to choose from. Moving around a huge area can be made easier thanks to the Knight V off-road bike. For fans of aerial adventures, there is a hang glider, and for the most brave people – a sled on which you can quickly slide down from the highest points on the map! The next items worth mentioning are those that will help you defend yourself against enemies. Golf club or guitar? No problem! For fans of melee weapons, there is a katana that will make you feel like a samurai. The journey through the cavernous caves will be facilitated by a rope cannon and a crucifix, which will scare away a completely new type of enemies – demons! If you are afraid of the biggest enemies in the game, you can quickly neutralize their strength with a stun gun and escape.

New building mechanics

The sequel to The Forest will surprise you with a completely new look at construction. Players have complete freedom in designing the base and the ability to create new structures, such as ramps or new types of traps! The game will allow players to build ready-made structures or design them completely from scratch. All you need to do is collect materials in the form of stones, logs and sticks. If you are afraid that collecting building materials will take too much time, don’t worry – Kelvin will do it for you! You can freely divide or sharpen the collected pieces of wood – this is a big innovation compared to the previous version of the game. Another new feature is the option to create windows in a previously built wall. Just take an ax and create a hole wherever you want. If you are not a virtuoso in creating complex structures, use ready-made recipes – the game has prepared ready-made structures for you, such as a tent, bonfires, walls, doors, windows, ramps and bridges! If you are afraid of cannibals raiding your base, you can build a solid fence and use an ax to sharpen its ends to create a palisade. Completely new traps have been added that will also repel enemy attacks.

Patch 07 introduces dedicated servers

23 June 2023 developers introduced a new patch that allows you to create dedicated servers! Servers4Gamers offers Sons of the Forest servers at affordable prices – rent your server today here  and fight with demons!

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