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Counter-Strike 2 officially released!

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The long-awaited day has come for fans of the Counter-Strike series

– on September 27, the most important CS:GO update debuted on the market. CS2 will take you to a new level of the game in terms of graphics and new improvements thanks to the change to the completely new Source 2 engine. The rules remain the same – a team of anti-terrorists competes with a group of special forces, achieving previously set goals.

What will surprise you:
– newly designed graphic and sound effects, new interface and store
– improved textures, lighting, weapon appearance
– increased brutality of the game by introducing realistic blood splatter after gun hits
– change in the operation of smoke grenades, which in the new version of the game interact with the environment – smoke spreads in a realistic way, it can be dispersed with bullets or grenades
– improved ranking system that tracks player skills globally and regionally, allowing for more fair selection of opponents
– significant changes introduced on some maps
– reducing overall delays caused by servers, i.e. tick rate

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