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Does Medieval Dynasty have dedicated servers?

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December 7, 2023 is a great day for fans of medieval fun in the world of Medieval Dynasty. Render Cube Studio has introduced the biggest update for this cult game that allows for co-op gameplay. Four players will play simultaneously on a new map enriched with a fresh storyline. Unfortunately, the dedicated server option has not been introduced. This disappointing news does not change the fact that it is still worth delving into the fascinating medieval world. In this article, we will describe the most important features of Medieval Dynasty and introduce you to this interesting world.

The success of the co-op mode

After the very successful premiere of the latest update, Medieval Dynasty is climbing up the Steam rankings. The update introducing co-op gameplay was rated 90% positively by the gaming community, which is an incredible success for the Render Cube studio. There is nothing extraordinary about it because the latest version of the game offers players many new features that greatly diversify the fun. A breakthrough is the introduction of a character creator thanks to which players can create their own, unique avatar, this time also in a female form. A new Oxbow map is available for multiplayer, which includes completely new vibrant villages. Players can expect new storylines and side quests that can be completed with friends or alone. The studio also created new items and workstations that will allow you to perform previously unavailable activities, such as churning butter or hanging laundry.

Can you get bored in Medieval Dynasty? Absolutely not!

The medieval world of Medieval Dynasty is teeming with life and offers you dozens of different activities. Each day, which of course you start by eating scrambled eggs on a handmade plate, will bring you completely new tasks to perform. Initially, you will be building your own village and recruiting new inhabitants. And, of course, paying high taxes to some king…

Our little, beloved village

You will start your adventure by building your first, tiny hut. However, it will not be that simple – to build it, you have to collect materials yourself in the form of logs (with a self-made ax, of course), and then connect them together with a hand-made hammer. Once you’ve settled in and taken care of your basic needs, you can go ahead and start creating new workstations. However, remember to choose the type of buildings carefully because depending on the amount of experience you have, you will have to face a limit in the number of buildings created. Workstations will provide you with many interesting activities – you will be able to create a woodshed where you can produce your own boards, a herbal hut where you can create poisonous potions, and even a windmill where you can grind the previously produced grain yourself. In your free time, you can plant the first tree in your orchard and sow the field with cabbage seeds. When winter comes, it will be a good idea to create new tools in a warm forge.

Animals will bring some joy into our lives – Medieval Dynasty offers players the option of breeding over eight different species of animals. You will start your adventure with breeding by buying your first hen that will lay eggs for your morning scrambled eggs! Later in the game, when you gain more experience points, you will unlock the ability to have animals such as bees, horses, donkeys, goats, sheep and geese.

Don’t forget to invite new inhabitants to your village because you won’t be able to cope with the numerous responsibilities on your own. Each workstation should be staffed by at least one employee who, depending on the settings, will perform their tasks with appropriate commitment. The key issue is to provide your employees with housing – if you invite a resident without providing him with a home, he will certainly be frustrated with the situation and leave. Your wife will provide you with pleasant company after a hard day of work. To win the favor of a medieval woman, you will have to try a little, but the effort put into the romance will bring you further happiness in the form of a child. For sure, the new villagers will bring a lot of joy to your simple life.

Amazing graphics will soothe your soul

We can only say one thing with certainty – the world of Medieval Dynasty is beautiful. Long, monotonous walks among vast meadows and forests will relax the most stressed person. The sound of rivers and cheerful music only intensify this impression. The game offers us four seasons during which the landscape changes, offering us new, beautiful views. In autumn, during a bear hunt, you will soothe your soul by picking mushrooms among golden leaves. In summer, colorful meadows full of flowers and forests full of wild berries await you. In addition to the amazing visual experience, there are sounds that introduce players to an amazing atmosphere. It is worth listening to the sound of the wind, the sounds of animals and the water splashing in the nearest stream.

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