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Everything We know about ARK 2

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We have great news for all dinosaur fans! The new part of ARK: Survival Evolved is on the way and promises to be an epic adventure! From the release date to future gameplay, we will explain all the details in this article.

ARK 2 release date: what to expect in 2025

The long-awaited release of ARK 2 has been postponed to spring 2025. While this may be disappointing news for fans of the series, we hope that the additional time will increase the quality of gameplay and provide players with an amazing experience! Certainly, the team creating the game needs time to additionally develop functionalities that will make ARK 2 unique and satisfying. Despite the significant delay, emotions around the premiere do not subside. Many people are looking forward to playing with Vin Diesel on board and discovering the exciting, secret storyline. Fighting with primitive weapons in a world full of dynamic events will be possible on PC and Xbox platforms.

A closer look at the visuals and storyline

The first gameplay trailer created in Unreal Engine 5 leaves promises of great gameplay. It captivates you from the very beginning with its stunning graphics and engaging storyline. Even though it doesn’t reflect the actual gameplay of ARK 2, we can’t wait for the game to be released just by looking at it! The trailer shows a post-apocalyptic scenery that makes us understand that some great battle has taken place. Despite these destructions, we can see roaming dinosaurs which will still pose a huge threat to us. We can conclude from this that an epic fight awaits us with both humans and prehistoric reptiles. In this intriguing and dangerous world, it is worth paying attention to the main character Santiago, a man in bone armor who travels the world with his daughter.

From the description of the game available on the Steam platform, we can conclude that the developers promise us to take full advantage of the possibilities available in Unreal Engine 5. Spectacular phenomena such as storm clouds or local weather systems, a photorealistic day and new cycle, and shadows changing in real time await us. . The player’s reliable eye will also notice the reaction of fauna to passing animals and water flowing around obstacles.

Exciting features worth waiting for

Compared to the previous part of ARK: Survival Evolved, we can expect spectacular improvements. One of them will be the introduction of more intense combat with features such as blocking, dodging, targeting and stunning. This gives you a chance for more difficult but also more dynamic fights. The improved combat system will be based solely on primitive weapons. This is to provide a feeling of authenticity in the prehistoric world. The gameplay will be based on a third-person perspective. We will also be surprised by new character movement mechanics, such as climbing, sliding, swinging and many others. This will provide greater mobility and great opportunities to explore the world. We hope that the new combat and movement mechanics will provide us with an amazing gaming experience.

It is worth mentioning the player’s skill system and the development of his character. A long road of development awaits us during which we will complete a huge skill tree by overcoming new challenges and achieving various goals.

The amazing story of ARK 2

Although details about the plot of ARK 2 are still a mystery to us, players can expect a gripping narrative that follows the events of Genesis: Part 2. In the latest DLC available for ARK: Survival Evolved, players witnessed the Genesis ship rupturing, half of which crashing into the gaseous planet while the other half remains in space. At that moment, Santiago is launched towards a mysterious Earth-like planet. His story will certainly become crucial to the plot and we will learn all the secrets during the game.

Early access to ARK 2 and the platforms we will play on

At this point, it is unknown whether ARK 2 will be released in Early Access, but given the history of ARK: Survival Evolved, it is quite possible. The game was originally released in 2015, but its premiere took place only in 2017! Although Early Access games are not fully polished, this tactic would certainly help improve the project based on feedback from potential players!

ARK 2 will be available on multiple platforms, so players can play on their preferred devices. The game will be released on PC and Xbox Series X consoles. There has been no official confirmation regarding the release of ARK 2 on Playstation 5 devices.

ARK 2 will be released in 2023.

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