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Great news for fans of the series: Killing Floor 3 is coming soon

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Tripwire Interactive studio announced a new part of the Killing Floor series!

A lot of time has passed since the release of the previous parts of Killing Floor. The series has gained enormous popularity among horror fans who have been impatiently waiting for this day! On August 22, 2023, a trailer presenting the production of an army of mutant Zeds by the Horzine megacorporation was officially presented! This only means one thing – Killing Floor 3 is coming! The third part of the series will take us to 2091, in which a megacorporation has created a perfect army of obedient Zeds obtained through bioengineering. Only the Nightfall group can save humanity from these creatures! Soon, in a group of six companions, you will face the Zeds, gaining completely new skills and collecting a new arsenal.

History of the series

In 2009, the first part of the series called Killing Floor debuted on the game market. The seemingly simple plot attracted many fans who still appreciate this game. As a result of scientific experiments conducted by the biotechnology corporation Horzine Biotech, there was an uncontrolled release of monsters that had previously been subjected to genetic modifications. These experiments were intended to create super-soldiers but ended in disaster, creating hordes of monsters that threatened humanity. Players take on the role of a member of an elite unit with one goal – neutralizing mutated creatures and clearing dangerous areas. This exciting story is only the background for intense cooperative gameplay in which players work together to fend off enemies.

In 2016, the second part of the series was released on the gaming market. After the events of the first part, the corporation lost control over the mutants, which caused the world to fall into chaos. The player’s mission does not change – he takes on the role of a team member who must face a horde of monsters responsible for the destruction of the world. The game takes us to various locations, from destroyed cities to secret laboratories where we will defend ourselves against more powerful opponents. As the game progresses, we will learn a number of secrets hidden by the Horzine Biotech corporation. Killing Floor 2 provides players with extremely intense cooperative gameplay, and the plot is only a background for brutal combat against waves of enemies.

What awaits us in the third part of the series

At this point, little is known about the upcoming production. From the information provided by the studio, we can conclude that the upcoming enemies will be more terrifying than ever! The trailer for the new part looks great, showing the horror that awaits us.

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