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How to configure a Counter-Strike: Condition Zero server

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As a Counter-Strike: Condition Zero server administrator, you have full control over all gameplay settings. In our server panel you can install various modifications, introducing completely new functions to the game, install new maps and much more. The “Startup” tab will allow you to change basic parameters such as the server access password, number of players, administrator password, round length and amount of starting money. Read the guide below to learn how to properly configure your server and enjoy playing with other players.

Follow these steps to know how configure Counter-Strike: Condition Zero server:

1. Stop Counter-Strike: Condition Zero server

Go to the “Console” tab in our game server panel and click on the “Stop” button. At this point you can start changing the selected parameters.

2. Change tab to “Startup”

Here you can freely change the most basic parameters of your server – they are described in the table below.

Mapas_oilrig“Map” variable allows you to change map on your server
Server Namedefault hostname“Server Name” variable allows you to change server name
Max Players10“Max Players” variable allows you to change number of players on server
Time Limit25“Time Limit” variable allows you to set amount of time after which map will change (value in minutes)
Auto KickOFF“Auto Kick” variable allows you to enable/disable automatic autokick when somebody AFK or start friendly fire
Freeze Time6“Freeze Time” variable sets amount of time at the start of round to reload/buy weapons (value in seconds)
Friendly FireON“Friendly Fire” variable allows you to turn on/off friendly fire
Hostage Penalty0“Hostage Penalty” variable sets amount of hostages player need to kill to be kicked by server (0 = disabled)
Limit Teams2“Limit Teams” variable sets how many players can be asymmetrical to another team (0 = disabled)
Round Time3“Round Time” variable sets duration of a single round (value in minutes)
RCON Passwordpassword“RCON Password” variable sets admin password needed to obtain administrator rights
Start Money800“Start Money” variable sets the starting amount of money for players
Server Password“Server Password” variable sets server password needed to join the server

3. Configure more complex server elements

If the changes made in the configuration tab are not enough for you, you can go ahead and change other server elements in the main configuration file. To find it, go to the “Files” tab and follow this path: /home/container/czero/server.cfg

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4. Start Counter-Strike: Condition Zero server

Go to the “Console” tab – here you can click on “Start” button.

Have you finished setting up? Great! Time to play. In this guide, we explained step by step how to connect to a Counter-Strike: Condition Zero server.

If you need any assistance with your Counter-Strike CZ server, please contact our support team by Livechat, Support tickets or email.

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