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How to configure a Don’t Starve Together server

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Don’t Starve Together server configuration brings a number of benefits that impact player experience and overall gameplay. A person with administrator rights can adapt the game to the individual needs of players and change a number of parameters such as the number of players, password, gamemode, server name and many others. Don’t Starve Together allows us to adjust the game environment in terms of the availability of resources, the difficulty level of opponents and the length of the day. In our guide you can learn how to properly configure your server.

Follow this steps to configure your Don’t Starve Together server:

1. Stop your server

Navigate “Console” tab in your server panel. Click on “Stop” button to stop your server.

2. Perform basic configuration

Once you are in a server panel, go to the “Startup” tab. This tab contains the most important parameters of your server – you can change them without editing the configuration file. The table below shows all variables you can change in ‘Startup’ tab.

Auto-update serverOFFEnable/disable auto-updating
Game ModesurvivalSet game mode (available values: survival – endless – wilderness). Game mode is also known as Playstyle in server browser
Max Players10Set maximum number of players allowed on your server
Server Tokenxxxxxxxxxxxxxx…Set server token to make your server available in server browser – you can create server token here:
Cluster Descriptiondefault clusterSet server description which will be shown in server browser
Server Namedefault hostnameAssign name for your server
Server PasswordSet server password
PvP EnabledONEnable/disable PvP on your server
Pause Server When EmptyONSelect if you want to pause your server when nobody is online
Server IntentionsocialSet server intention (available values: social – cooperative – competitive – madness)
Enable CavesONEnable/disable caves

3. Perform more advances configuration

If you are not satisfied with the configuration performed in the “Startup” tab, you can edit more advanced variables in the main configuration file. To do this, you need to access your server’s files. Go to the “Files” tab and try to find the cluster.ini file.

Follow this path: /home/container/DoNotStarveTogether/config/server/cluster.ini to find it.

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4. Restart your server

Once you have done your configuration, you need to confirm all changes. Come back to the “Console” tab and click on “Restart” button to restart your server.

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We hope that our intuitive web interface has allowed you to manage your Don’t Starve Together server easily. If you want to ask us any questions, feel free to contact us via e-mail, ticket or live chat!

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