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How to connect to a Counter-Strike: Source server

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Counter Strike: Source is a classic shooter set in the iconic Counter-Strike world. During the game, we can join a group of terrorists or anti-terrorists who compete with each other in various tasks. In this guide, learn how to join your Sounder-Strike: Source server and start competing with your enemies!


How to connect Counter-Strike: Source server through Steam:

1. Go to the server management window

In the Steam application, select the “View” tab. Once you click on it, you should see a list of several options below – find “Game Servers” among them.

How to connect Counter-Strike Source 1

2. Add Counter-Strike: Source server to your favorites

In the “Game Servers” window select “Favorites” tab. Here you can add servers to the list so you can quickly connect to them. Click on “+” button.

How to connect Counter-Strike Source 2

3. Type in server address

In the adding servers section, you should see a small window with a place to enter the server address (IP:PORT). Enter it and confirm with the “OK” button.

How to connect Counter-Strike Source 3

4. Connect to your Counter-Strike: Source server

Your server should be visible in the list after a few seconds. Select it from the list and click on the “Connect” button.

How to connect Counter-Strike Source 4


Want to configure your server before joining? Use our guide in which we explain step by step how to quickly configure a Counter-Strike: Source server.

If you need any assistance with your Counter-Strike Source server, please contact our support team by Livechat, Support tickets or email.

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