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How to connect to a Killing Floor 2 server

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Connecting Killing Floor 2 server through Steam:

1. Select “Game Servers”

First, you need to login to the Steam with your credentials. Once you are logged in, select “View” tab in the main menu. From the options that will appear below, select “Game Servers”.

How to connect Killing Floor 2 1

2. Add your server to the favorites list

After clicking on “Game Servers” you should see a new floating window. Go to the “Favorites” tab where your favorite servers are located. Click on “+” to be redirected to the option to add a server to this list.

How to connect Killing Floor 2 2

3. Type in your Killing Floor 2 server address

After clicking on “+” button, you should be redirected to the new window named “Add server by IP”. Here you need to type in IP and port of your server. Confirm by clicking on “OK”.

If you have problem with searching your server, try to connect PORT+1 (if your port is 78000 just replace it with 78001).

How to connect Killing Floor 2 3

4. Connect your server

Now, your server should be visible on the favorites list. Click on the server bar and select “Connect”.

How to connect Killing Floor 2 4


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