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How to connect to a PixARK server

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In this tutorial you will know how to:

  • Get your hostname from server panel
  • Connect your PixARK server through in-game server list


How to connect PixARK server through game browser:

1. Get hostname

Open server panel website in your favorite server browser and login with your credentials. Find your PixARK server and click on it – you should be redirected to the “Console” tab. Here, you can check your hostname just above the server console.

2. Launch PixARK game

One you have found your server name, it’s time to connect your server. Launch the game on your computer.

3. Select multiplayer option

Once you are in the game’s main menu, click on the “MULTIPLAYER” option to have possibility to play online with other players.

How to connect PixARK server 1

4. Select “Join ARK” option

How to connect PixARK server 2

5. Join your PixARK server

Now, you should have access to the in-game server browser. Enter your hostname into “Server Name Filter”. Your server should be visible on the list – click on server bar and click on “Join” button.

How to connect PixARK server 3


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