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Pals breeding guide and most popular Pal combinations

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Catching the rare species of Pals is an incredibly difficult challenge. The Palworld game gives you a slightly easier opportunity to catch the species you want by running your own breeding farm. It is a long and labor-intensive process, but also a great investment for the future. It allows you to independently create the best breeding combinations in terms of the characteristics you choose. Selecting Pals will allow you to obtain incredibly fast mounts as well as species useful in combat. In this article you will learn how to breed Pals and the most popular examples of pairing them.

Prepare a place for breeding

You can start breeding Pals at level 19. All you need to do is have 2 Technology Points and unlock the Breeding Farm. To build it you need:

  • 100 Wood
  • 50 Fiber
  • 20 Stone

The next step you need to take is to build an Incubator in which the eggs laid by Pals will hatch. After placing the eggs in the incubator, a timer will appear to inform you when the new Pal will hatch. Remember that eggs like heat or cold depending on the type – placing a campfire, heater or cooler next to them can significantly increase the incubation speed.

Prepare a romantic meal for your Pals!

Now, when all the infrastructure is ready, you can start breeding your Pals.

Prepare two Pals, one female and one male, that you want to breed. Move them to the Breeding Farm yourself – you will learn from the message whether they are compatible with each other. Remember that breeding will not start if two Pals are of the same sex! Once the couple is ready, you need to feed them the cake. Place the finished product in the breeding farm and your Pals will be able to lay an egg. One cake will produce one new friend.

To bake a cake, you need to create a cooking pot (available at level 17), mill and wheat plantation (available at level 15). List of all the ingredients you need to prepare:

  • 5 Flour
  • 2 Honey
  • 8 Eggs
  • 7 Milk
  • 8 Red Berries

These ingredients can be obtained by killing Pals or you can produce them yourself in your base. It is possible to produce eggs, milk and honey on the ranch. Berries and flour can be obtained by having your own plantation.

Wait for the egg and place it in the incubator

If you have already placed the cake in the box, wait a few moments until the progress bar is full. After some time, you will receive an egg that you must immediately place in the incubator, where after a few hours a charming baby will hatch.

If you are looking for ready-made inspirations for crossing your Pals, check out the table below.

Parent 1Parent 2Result
BlazehowlFelbatBlazehowl Noct
BroncherryFuackBroncherry Aqua
DinossomRayhoundDinossom Lux
EikthyrdeerHangyuEikthyrdeer Terra
ElphidranSurfentElphidran Aqua
FrostallionHelzephyrFrostallion Noct
GobfinRoobyGobfin Ignus
HangyuSweeHangyu Cryst
IncineramMaraithIncineram Noct
KingpacaReindrixIce Kingpaca
ReptyroFoxcicleIce Reptyro
JolthogPengulletJolthog Cryst
JormuntideFire PalJormuntide Ignis
KelpseaDark PalKelpsea Ignis
KingpacaReindrixKingpaca Cryst
LeezpunkFlambelleLeezpunk Ignis
LyleenMenastingLyleen Noct
MammorestWumpoMammorest Cryst
MauPengulletMau Cryst
MossandaGrizzboltMossanda Lux
PyrinKatressPyrin Noct
RelaxaurusSparkitRelaxaurus Lux
ReptyroFoxcicleReptyro Cryst
RobinquillFuddlerRobinquill Terra
SurfentDumudSurfent Terra
SuzakuJormuntideSuzaku Aqua
VanwyrmFoxcicleVanwyrm Cryst

Now, when you know all the secrets of breeding Pals, prepare a romantic dinner for them and wait for love to blossom…

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